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Title Screen




Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Shima 001.png

Adventure Island 001.png

Adventure Island Classic (Europe) 001.png

Japan version utilizes a different font for that font over the primary title. The "TOP 00" message seemed to be altered for that worldwide releases, being over the press start button instead of below. The tile seemed to be increased, much nearer to the score counter. The Press Start Button message was altered to Push Start along with a "TM AND" was added prior to the Copyright text which by itself was rearranged to provide space towards the Licensed by Nintendo message not contained in japan version.

The Ecu release shortens the "Licensed by Nintendo of the usa Corporation." text.




AdventureIsland-Ending-JP.png AdventureIsland-Ending-INT.png

The road "YATTANE TAKAHASHI!" ("You probably did it, Takahashi!") was taken off the ending screen.

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NES Longplay [596] Hudson's Adventure Island


amyvitality66: This game was part of my childhood. I screamed that I got stuck in the stupid jumping octopus stage when I was a kid. Memories xD

Vahan Nisanian: Hard as fuck game. Those three Bats in 8-3 are the most brutal and sadistic thing I have ever seen in a platforming game. The Japanese "Super Mario Bros. 2", which also came out in 1986, is child's play compared to this.

Tonguefunsome: +Vahan Nisanian It was a MF! What pissed me was my sister finished the game before me! Her eye hand coordination was impeccable! I still have this game and my grand-kids tried their hand at it but they're used to the new games and didn't have much patience with this.They told me Pops this game's too hard. I still play games even at 63 and enjoy them as much as I did when I was younger! I'm playing Dark Souls 3 currently and have loved all the Fromsoftware games! Too bad they say this is the last Souls game!

Novicca Vinessia: you're 63 and still play game? :o\nCool!!

Tops Black: finally…….

فيصل الصومالي: good old days

Novaura Autism: I can understand completely why it took so long to feature this game. Hudson Soft made by far the hardest platformers on the NES.

Vahan Nisanian: But despite all that, I love this game. And yes, I beat it last month for the first time ever.

Anime Invisible and ignored: ……. Wow


Bloodreign1: +priestfan81 Awesomely hard for the first game, and of the rest of the series, I like Monster World IV the most myself.

حمني الحمادي: yes

yusakug: Despite how frustrating this game was, there was something so addictive about it, just like the best NES titles of the time. To this day. I am convinced that the programmers somehow were able to inject drugs into our veins through the NES controller, which made us want to just keep on playing, no matter how much punishment it dished out to us.

Georgi Ivanov: It is the sound/music that hooks you… There was a study about it.��

Matheus Prado: This is the Best game of NES

Jonas King: I left this game on pause, at level 8, while my famiassand I went to Potomac Mills (a big ass mall on the east coast). My aunt saw that we left the system on…and turned it off.

Malan Rizki: OMG!… cries

Blu Jay: I can't even imagine frustration.\n\nI had a friend with an SNES playroom, and he kept his SNES running for three days while I was stuck in MK1 at Goro. I couldn't beat it, so he turned it off lol

OmniOmegaKiller: This one of hardest game on NES.

tupac shakur: holy shit 2 nostalgia vids… first time commando now this