Adventure tour – rushmore cave & hurry mountain adventure park

Belly crawling during Adventure TourReady for extreme caving? Try our Xpedition Adventure Tour and go spelunking!  This can be a true caving adventure that needs belly crawling through some tight spaces. Our experienced guides may lead you thru some areas from the primary tour route that nearly nobody else sees. This extreme adventure isn’t for that average person and isn’t suggested for that claustrophobic.

To entitled to the spelunking tour, visitors must pull through an area 10″ x 22″. Visitors have to be sure they are able to result in the crawl before they create reservation. To check this in your own home we advise the guest place a tension fishing rod 10″ full of a entrance and crawl under. You will have to put on lengthy pants, footwear having a sturdy sole, lengthy sleeve shirt suggested. You’re going to get dirty, expect that. We stock caving helmets, headlamps, knee pads and elbow pads. All visitors must sign a waiver.  Tour lasts roughly 2 1/2 hrs. The max tour is 5 visitors along with a trip leader. Minimum age is 12, with parent or legal protector filling out the waiver. Visitors which are 16 and under should have a parent or gaurdian or legal protector accompany them around the tour.

Rushmore Cave Expedition Adventure Tour


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