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Adventures that must definitely be experienced to become believed…But when experienced, Never Forgotten!

Experience Belize adventure tours at its best at Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. Prepare to journey in to the lush plant and animal existence from the Belize jungle marvel in the mystifying lost Maya ruins, explore mysterious caves and caverns, and immerse yourself within the regal Caves Branch River. A good amount of full and half day journeys await you at caves Branch, where our Belize adventure tours are made specifically for you.

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Safety is essential to all of us and since many of our expeditions are potentially harmful, we&rsquove ensured that a lot of attention is defined into ensuring strict safety guidelines are adopted in every case. With more than 19 many years of operation, we’re proud to boast our safety record is impeccable.

Make sure to read “Water Based Adventures” Cancellation Notice – an email from Ian Anderson.

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Belize Cave Tubing


Jamie Hastings: Wow, great video! I would love to do that sometime!

Carmen Mekhail: How long it took the journey inside the cave? I want to do this excursion but I have a 12 & and a 10 years old.

mattloveOHIOST5: did u mount the gropro with a helmet mount

Rocket Sled Design and Marketing: We actually just used head straps. The water was very calm so no helmets were required. Thanks for watching.