Corolla jeep adventure tours in corolla, obx

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This Horse Safari is really a more adventurous method to begin to see the Horses!

About this tour, your crew as high as 5 people, will drive our Jeep Wranglers using the top lower and salt air flowing. While you follow our seasoned guide, four wheeling 24 miles round-trip on the mission of tracking lower nature Horses!

This tour accommodates children in vehicle seats and our new jeeps possess the latest latch system for simple vehicle seat installation. While you look for nature Horses Of Corolla you’ll be navigating through soft sand and deep ruts! Take it easy, our seasoned staff can give an in depth briefing on proper four wheeling in the sand before you decide to depart. This understanding is relevant for the trip as well as for whenever later on you might be four wheeling in sand or dirt. 

Besides the horse viewing, taking command in our jeeps and 4 wheeling 24 miles, among the highlights, as with every our tours, is going to the “Penny Hill” adventure area! Here you’ll drive to the top second largest “living” sand dune around the new england! Your tour stop here and get free from the jeeps for excellent family photos and views that cant be beaten! Eat the view and allow the kids go wild! Jumping lower the steep side is really a favorite from the kids and also the children at heart.  As the rest of the companies in the region have our dune as an item of interest to determine from the far, we are on top experiencing the view and also the special recollections shared!

Tour Time: 2 hrs


OBX ATV Tour (Unedited)