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We have been lucky enough to have several our visitors take some time from their hectic agenda to examine our Grand Gorge tours on Tripadvisor. We have even were built with a couple of individuals who could not agree but were kind enough to make contact with us and discuss their experience to ensure that we’re able to resolve, fix, and get rid of the issues for future travelers. The primary issue is that individuals misinterpret us like a luxury tour service.

Our Grand Gorge tours are made like a low key tour for casual travelers, individuals who much like to roll using the occasions during the day. People do not understand our ranking and think it reflects a red carpet, luxury tour service. Uh uh! I am from the small family-farm in Michigan and realize that being easy and rustic appeals to numerous people. That stated, our goal would be to treat everybody like buddies visiting from on vacation for any day and also to have as entertaining as you possibly can. In Michigan, we wouldn’t give our buddies champaigne and egg souffle in the morning. We’d bring them to Burger king and brag concerning the five-star dining experience. In Michigan, we wouldn’t rent a limousine bus, play Beethovan, and drop grapes inside your mouth completely towards the Grand Gorge. We’d let you know to pipe lower, climb at the back of a pickup, and also to lay lower whether it will get too windy. We’d even hands a garbage bag permanently measure in situation it rains! Our tours are equipped for individuals who realize that every second in each and every moment of the tour (and existence) isn’t perfect. The glass is half-full and we’ll enjoy whatever parts splash out. Hopefully that through the finish during the day that the Grand Gorge tour around was the highlight of the visit to Vegas.

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