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Amusement & waterpark admission - alabama splash adventure within the center until shedding

About Alabama Splash Adventure

With rides and attractions meant for everybody from youthful children to please-seeking adults, Alabama Splash Adventure provides entire families with a method to escape heat. It just takes a fast trip lower among the slides or perhaps a dip within the pools to assist visitors awesome off. The park also provides a number of dry rides, too, along with a copious way to obtain complimentary sun block ensures that nobody’s visit is destroyed with a sunburn, whether they are within the water or out.

Get The Pulse Racing
  • Neptune’s Plunge: Sharp turns and twists undertake a brand new thrill inside the pitch-black confines of those four slides.
  • Splashdown: A fast descent transmits visitors flying right into a fully enclosed, funnel-like tube, where they circle the outlet within the center until shedding through in to the splash pool.
Awesome Off
  • Kahuna Waves: This wave pool’s 800,000 gallons water churn into 4-feet waves that roll lightly toward the shore.
  • Warrior River: An easy current carries inner tubes along a never-ending loop filled with secluded caves and passenger-drenching surprises.
  • Mist-ical Maze: 4,600 square ft of dead ends and misleading passages that will get a little trickier when unpredicted showers water drop previously mentioned.
  • Castaway Island: Pumps, geysers, and cascades water keep kids amused only at that multi-level play structure.
Stay Dry
  • Crazy Earthworm Coaster: Have the breeze about this ride designed for the whole family to savor.
  • The Vault: Who are able to duck and weave through this maze of roving lasers within the fastest time?
  • Rampage: Alabama’s largest ride soars to 120 ft off the floor and reaches speeds of 56mph.
  • Grab a Snack: Diet over the grounds include from popcorn and frozen treats to funnel cakes and third-pound sirloin burgers, and free limitless sodas are for sale to all visitors.
Alabama Splash Adventure


Alabama Splash Adventure Tour 2016 – Bessemer, AL


Elias Mertens: I really hope they get an adult ride or two for the 2017 season. Maybe just like a Scrambler and a swing ride of sorts.

Coaster Nano: Elias Mertens I wonder why did they remove the tall slide?

Elias Mertens: There was probably some technical problems with it that could make it more expensive to fix it rather than to replace it. I read online that they may be planning an expansion for next year and that's why this year was so small.

Coaster Nano: Next time you head back here, try to get some footage of the abandoned aspects of Alabama Splash Adventure.

John Nary: Are you going to be doing any Halloween events at any amusement parks?

Coaster Crew: +John Nary Yes! In 2016 we have SCarowinds With The Crew on Sept 17 ( and Virginia Is For Coaster Lovers at Kings Dominion & Busch Gardens Oct 15-16 (