Big splash adventure indoor waterpark & resort

Big splash adventure indoor waterpark & resort No, day pass purchases are

Faq’s: Waterpark What are the limitations to presenting water park?

Yes. For that safety and health in our visitors we highly recommend all visitors read our Attractions Guide, Waterpark Rules, &amp Ease of access Guide.

Do you know the operating hrs of massive Splash Adventure Indoor Waterpark?

Operating hrs vary (check waterpark hrs and prices tab.)

Is it necessary to be considered a guest of massive Splash Adventure Waterpark & Turn to make use of the waterpark?

A restricted quantity of daily waterpark passes can be found. Acquisition of day passes is susceptible to availability. Reservations are strongly suggested and can guarantee admittance. Day passes might be reserved on-site. Reserved day passes are non-refundable and never date flexible.

Are we able to generate our very own drinks and food towards the waterpark?

No. Coolers, drinks and food from outdoors the accommodation might not be introduced to the waterpark. The Galley Grill is easily found in the arcade for waterpark friendly fare!

Are existence jackets, flotation devices and water toys allowed within the water park?

No. Flotation devices or water toys might not be introduced in to the park. Big Splash Adventure provides existence jackets in a number of sizes for those waterpark visitors – not one other lifejackets is going to be allowed within the facility.

Maybe there is lifeguards working?

Our experienced, Red Mix Certified existence guard staff is going to be working during Big Splash Adventure operating hrs.

Are lockers available within the water park?

Yes. Lockers are for sale to rental within the water park.

Are towels deliver to hotel visitors?

Yes. Big Splash Adventure provides towels for the hotel visitors only. You may decide to bring a seaside towel or hide once we ask the pool towels remain within the water park.

Are towels deliver to day pass visitors?

No. Day pass visitors will have to bring their very own towels. We’ll have towels available to buy within our gift shop in situation you forget your towels.

Are day pass purchases refundable?

No, day pass purchases are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Would you take part in donations?

Yes, we all do take part in donations.&nbsp That need considering, we have to receive your request on paper.&nbsp You are able to undergo PO Box 192, French Lick IN 47432.&nbsp Letters received through fax or email won’t be considered.

Big splash adventure indoor waterpark & resort might not be introducedResourse:

Big Splash Adventure Overview and Water Slide POV's (French Lick, Indiana)


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Mr.Derpy101: I know this place by heart, I've been going for 12 year in a row

PrincePuma Jr: I only went there once with my friends. I even stayed in that hotel!

lucy Heartfilia: I has 118 like��

Chris3567: Went there last October it was awesome

Kaydee and Joshua: Those body slides hurt your heels

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xander jaramillo: I been there at big splash adventure I like the lazy river

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Jordam Brown: that's not all of them there is 2 more u left out

COOKIEMONSTER Morgsn: the ones on the playground

COOKIEMONSTER Morgsn: the ones on the playground

Zach Taylor: I went last summer and I'm going again this summer! I've been down all of the slides!

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Taliyah Douglas: I been 1 time and it was so much fun

95Q Videos: I've been there 3 times

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