Hawaiian waters adventure park

Hawaiian waters adventure park Wild Hawaii Waterpark the only

Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii Waterpark

Seriously to the drier, less-crowded side of Oahu where you can find still some good Hawaii Activities, and grab some thrills at Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii Waterpark the only real Hawaiian waterpark within the entire condition of Hawaii! Wet ‘n’ Wild is easily located immediately from the H-1 Highway, in Oahu’s second largest city, Kapolei — just 35 miles from Waikiki.

Enjoy 25 watery acres

This spectacular Hawaii Attraction offers 25 acres of each and every type of swirling, churning, bubbling activity imaginable, varying from exciting water slides, swirling rapids, a wave pool just too large you are able to body surf, or even a sedate inner-tubing river! So how exactly does a seven-story water slide seem? Wet ‘n’ Wild has two! If that is an excessive amount of, almost always there is the 4-and-a-half story model. With lots of eateries, rest, play volleyball, watch others have a great time, and maintain stocks of souvenirs, Wet ‘n’ Wild is the best trip for the whole family, a location where you will find all of the good, clean fun you are able to handle. It is really an exciting Hawaii fun park. For amusement parks in Hawaii this is actually the just one of it’s kind. Before you decide to arrive to Hawaii make sure to order a Hawaiian Lei Greetings in the Airport terminal.

Safe and sound for everybody

The park is manned by experienced water-safety employees, with lots of park security and medical personnel offered at all occasions. Wet ‘n’ Wild offers a trio of packages that you should select from, all designed to supply a wet-and-wooly experience you are unlikely to forget. To learn more, look into the links in this article. Be sure to take along proper swimwear (no thongs, t-backs, or swimwear with metal rivets or plastic), a big change of garments, towel, slippers and a few sunscreen! Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii Waterpark offers a number of different packages which include the overall Admission, Splash Package and also the Big Splash Package. This Hawaiian Waterpark is fun for the entire family and it has a variety of Hawaiian activities all-in-one location. For the different Activities in Hawaii, make sure to take a look at Hawaii Discount that has from Oahu Snorkeling with Captain Bobs near Koko Marina to Oahu Luaus. A few of the popular luaus in Oahu are Germaine’s Luau and Paradise Cove Luau. If you are planning towards the Big Island Of Hawaii of Hawaii make sure to look into the Royal Kona Luau or even the Island Breeze Luau, that are both outstanding Kona Luaus. They can offer Hawaii Shark Tours using the 3 firms that offer this tour, Northern Coast Shark Encounters and Hawaii Shark Encounters. Save money on these along with other Hawaii Tours whenever you make an online purchase here.

Hawaiian waters adventure park to the drier, less

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So, Isn’t it time to have a great time? Seriously to the Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii Waterpark , that provides lots of water attractions of all types and for everyone. Glide lower a seven-story tall waterslide (you will find really a couple of them around the block), or if this sounds like an excessive amount of for you personally, choose the four-and-a-half-story model. Browse the big wave pool, that is just too large you are able to body surf inside it! Or have a leisurely inner-tube ride lower the circular river. Kids will like the numerous spots produced only for them, with shallow splash areas, water cannons, waterfalls, and lily pads to leap across and a whole lot. There’s also lots of eateries, rest and also to maintain stocks of souvenirs. The park is the best trip for the whole family.

Safety factors are the park’s most important much like all of the Oahu Tours and attractions provided by Hawaiidiscount.com. Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii Waterpark employs experienced water-safety professionals. Additionally, there are lots of park security and medical personnel offered at all occasions. So that you can feel safe and merely relax enjoying a lot of fun within the water.

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Hawaiian waters adventure park The park is the best

Wet 'n' Wild Hawaii


hi: Oh my god! This waterslide park is literally sitting over an area that I used to live at when it was all sugar cane fields. I remember finding a stray kitten who I took home and named Whiskers when I was 7 in the exact spot over the waterslide park. Man Oahu has changed and its hard to see some of the commercialism when you remember when it was really quiet, peaceful and less crowded…Ewa Beach (I guess its not even called Ewa Beach anymore-annexed by Kapolei?) was straight ghetto in the 80s and 90s.

Mo Jones: What are you talking about? It's still called ewa beach.

Pency Playz: I'm going there Tomarow

manaboy808 RBLX: The new floats at the wave pool and lazy river are clear

v00mz: 0:04 yay me jumping

Raul Romero: I Live in oahu and i wonder where do people who live in the islands like me go to for vacation?

hi: Maybe sell the vacation package for some cash??Or just enjoy a weekend in a hotel with free housekeeping-a staycation as they call it! kauai is always a great place in spring, not too crowded and more laid back.

Raul Romero: +hi Well its too late now… Its probably sitting in a landfill now or burning in a incinerator. Oh Well.

Yolanda Feliciano: You should have been in the ride

Jasmine Suarez: I'm going today and I'm so excited!! I'm in Kailua on vacation and it's a good 45 minute drive out to Honolulu. Can't wait to go'! 

SKATT3R: Only time I've gone there was my brothers birthday

NastyPvPLuck Cancerous Minecraft Videos and More!: i did

SKATT3R: I live in Oahu and the wet n wild there is awsome you gotta take a vacation to hawaii

NastyPvPLuck Cancerous Minecraft Videos and More!: same i live there to xD wetnwild is beast

JoshPlaysNothing: I thought wet n wild was only in the. Gold Coast!

Angel Althea: Lol im goin their tomorrow for da first time !!!:)

Sisters Bravo: isn't wet n wild a makeup brand?

icestorm2000k: Going there this Saturday with my friend and my cousin!! Can't wait!

Da iLLesT: i remember my summer in hawaii!!….shshshshshsh i ,miss wetNwild

penguinz50: ahh im glad i live in hawaii 😀 but when i go in the water, espically at 0:48, the water gets warm -_-