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The Casitas Water Adventure is open through the summer time several weeks. Adults and children alike can also enjoy two distinct water playgrounds. For that more youthful children, a multi-level jungle gym with waterfalls, bridges and slides inside a lagoon with water as much as 18" deep. Parents can unwind inside a shady place as the children play, or join their youngsters for any "splashing" great time.


For the entire family, the Lazy River provides a awesome water ride on inner tubes along a scenic waterway featuring waterfalls, fog filled bridges and jet sprays. The interior tubes can be found totally free on the first come, first offered basis. But for the tiniest of tots, a zero-depth pool sprays water all angles, supplying a secure, fun play area. Shaded decks, patio chairs, showers, restrooms along with a snack bar are supplied for convenience and comfort. Certified lifeguards take presctiption hands whatsoever occasions and existence jackets can be found at no extra charge while supplies last. Locker rentals are for sale to a nominal fee.

Because of safety concerns, drinks and food, except for canned water, aren’t permitted within the Casitas Water Adventure. If you want to create your personal drinks and food, picnic tables are easily located just outdoors the Waterpark along with a Snack Bar is situated in exactly the same area. To learn more concerning the Lake Casitas Entertainment Area and also the Casitas Water Adventure, take a look at our FAQ page, or call 805-649-2233.

Resourse: https://casitaswater.org/water-adventure/

The Rampage – Wild Water Adventure Park – Clovis, CA


Cali Fornia: now usually id comment on anyone in a party or cafeteria of people of not doing anything to stop a woman from yelling out disparaging remarks on some one socially but these waterslides are pretty cool and fun. so this park in particular was nice. very cool indeed.

marissa dorado: Wow I went on there seat things are heaver then they seem

Magmatt5 90: Ikr I have been 3 times is 1 month

marissa dorado: +Magmatt5 90​ really? 

DJDavidShmosh: Love this ride!

darkside59: Dude, at first I thought that guy got some fake dark wooden feet, until the end when he left up his feet. Lol.

darkside59: +Wanna See My Wayne yea.. I got season pass and been there multiple times and it sure gets hot. Some people can tolerate the hot cement. Imma have to try out that slide. I'm afraid of this one, but next time I'm going on it. Lol

Joseph Parodi: darkside59 pavement does get really hot i wish we had technology so when you walking to a slide like a mat racer the pavement really hot

Alvin Chandler: awesome ride

kemery ball: im 8 and i went on that ride it was awsome

Wanna See My Wayne: Yeah! If you lunge forward right as they launch you, your board will skip almost to the end of the pool. 

Alexis Syhavong: I love this ride! Freak me out the first time, but it's still awesome!