6 sedona tours which will improve your perspective

  1. Heat Balloon Ride

  2. This smooth soaring “aerial nature walk” is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Gentle, exciting, yet peaceful, a warm air balloon ride over Sedona provides you with a wild birds-eye look at the attractive red rocks, while being led by a skilled pilot who are able to demonstrate things you might have never observed otherwise. Rides can start sunrise, enabling you to inhale the invigorating, fresh morning air. You’ll lift off and flow using the wind over wildlife, Native American ruins along with other spectacular things. Love this particular rare all over look at certainly the most beautiful places in The United States. Following the heat balloon lands, there’s typically a commemorative picnic or champagne toast to celebrate everything only agreed to be experienced.

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  3. Water into Wine

  4. This isn’t the Bible story of Jesus’ first miracle. Sedona Adventure Tours got its visitors on the kayaking adventure lower the Verde River though scenic landscapes to some place in which the wine flows such as the water that got them there. That one hour water trip inside a Ducky Kayak is stated to possess “just enough chutes and riffles to include a little bit of excitement without ruffling ay down.” The experience continues in the beautiful Alcantera Vineyards for many wine-tasting inside a Tuscan styled farmhouse that overlooks the vineyards and moving hillsides.

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  5. Shamanic or Vortex Journey

  6. Sedona is renowned for it’s vortexes, which lure individuals from around the globe in the future experience transformational energetic healing and balancing. There are various pathways of spiritual guidance to select from whether this is the first time taking this kind of journey or you’re already experienced and therefore are searching for additional guidance and additional growth, Sedona is filled with individuals who dedicate their lives to helping others find balance and spiritual direction. If the isn’t your type of factor, than you need to certainly get it done – then you’re certain to get a new perspective!

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  7. Helicopter Rides

  8. If your heat balloon ride is a touch too open, uncovered reely-flying for the safe place, consider a weight helicopter ride within the red rock gorge. Obtain the same bird’s eye view, but be enclosed and guarded in the elements. A few of the advantages a helicopter has more than a heat balloon are that helicopters go where you would like them to visit, they land rapidly, and may hover over areas that you’d enjoy spending additional time searching at. But that’s a downside with regards to the quiet, peaceful flight of the heat ballon in comparison to the loud seem of the helicopter’s motor and spinning blades. In either case, both of them are well-well worth the time, money and also the rare look at gorgeous Sedona.

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    There is a new helicopter tour company around offering rides in Robinson R44 and R66 helicopters, that have unrivaled views. Take a look at Guidance Air!

  9. Mountain Climbing

  10. Surprisingly, it’s not necessary to become a professional rock climber to see mountain climbing up certainly one of individuals beautiful sand stone towers or walls in Sedona. Seriously. But that’s since there are professionals you are able to hire that will help you get it done securely and enjoyably. The red rocks of Sedona won’t ever look exactly the same for you once you’ve begun getting together with it within this very detailed way. Each flake you possess onto while you ascend a spire is really a detail that will go undetected when just viewing Sedona’s red rocks like a beautiful backdrop or landscape. There’s beauty in each and every inch of those red rocks which is one hell of a method to go through it. Though you don’t have to become a skilled rock climber to employ helpful information, it’s suggested and useful to be the fitter side, not terribly scared of heights, and to maintain your feeling of adventure along with you whole time.

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  11. Sedona Photography Workshops

  12. The planet via a lens – it may be amplified, reduced, taken as well as assigned emotion. Sedona is among individuals places where photographs rarely appear to get it done justice, unless of course you’re an expert professional photographer. Sedona Photography Workshops are an incredible chance to visit take pictures in locations with breathtaking views from the beaten path underneath the instruction and guidance of the fantastic professional photographer. Each workshop is focused on the client’s anticipated photo taking experience that it is unique, authentic, and organic anyway. From composition and field method to digital darkroom tips and printing it is really an experience unlike any other.

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Stunning Sedona Arizona HD Virtual Visit Full Length Video Tour


eckankar: I live in Sedona and love it every single day.  I can't get over that I get to see these views daily, for the past 20 years.  It was a goal since childhood when I saw the rocks of Sedona in old cowboy movies on TV.  One day I found out where this place was and made a 2500 mile move to be here.  I never regretted it for a second.  No place on earth like SEDONA.

Anna Pop: Love Sedona! Is it expensive to live there?

robin chetan: wat is the background track name?

chris anthony: Sir.. I would like to take this opportunity of telling you that I believe you have produced one of the best, if not THE best videos I have yet seen on YouTube of travels in Arizona. I have had an abiding love for the southwest, in particular Arizona and Utah, and have spent much time trying to find videos that were done by videographers who had such a passion for that area that they went the extra mile to do it right. Alas, it has been time sorely wasted for the most part. However, YOU sir HAVE done it right! I know you did this video for a friend who is unable to make a journey out there themselves.. but it will be viewed by many other folks as well who will enjoy it forever!  Thank you so very much for uploading it!   P.S. It would be a terrible oversight if I did not give a 'tip of the hat' to another gentleman named Tom Andrews who is also one of those rare individuals who has made some quality videos of that beautiful country out there, as well as some other scenic areas of this country, and has uploaded his truly great work to YouTube. A great day to both you fellas!

giancarlo stanton: One of the coolest places I have ever been to.

Tommy Magnusson: Absolutely breathtaking Sedona

MrDisneyCollector: I have lived in Sedona since 1977.  Bell Rock is just outside my kitchen, I sit on the back patio for my morning coffee and enjoy Bell Rock every single morning.  Very nice video.  Thanks for not having crazy rock music with it.  This is a quiet, spiritual place, light or o music needed.  Sedona is Sound and Light it'self.

gregvance: You're lucky, that's so awesome! What a place to live..

Micky Mouse: It would have beed good to have got out of the car and take us around the town. Also a verbal would have been good instead of that music that goes on and on and never ends

AutumnMorn '60: What a thoughtful gift for your friend. Thanks so much for sharing it here on YouTube. Love visiting my old home, Arizona.

Leo Shelton: I enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing. I am moving to Sedona. or OakTree area.

Robert Rios: Perfect views… been there and still talk to my friends about the beautiful views!!!!!!…..ps great back ground music. thanks for sharing

YUGO BOSS: I love sedona , would be nice be up on the hills like a $2 mil house 2014 chevy silverado or f250 f350 and like a camaro zl1 for the weekends take it out on the highways open it up lovely life that ay ?

Nancy Aloupis: My favorite place on the planet!!

Henry T Paiste III: Thank you so much for giving me a LONG HELD HOPE to get to see where my good friends have been living all these years – wonderful to FINALLY GET A BIRDS EYE VIEW OF SEDONA ! JUST TERRIFIC ! HTPIII / PHILA. PA.

Catherine Sidoti: How wonderful this video is of Sedona. You have a great camera to take such breathtaking videos of this place. What a great place on the planet and how generous of you to make this for your friend and post it here, thank you….

Andrew G.: Great video. I Spent time in Sedona last year. It's a beautiful place from the majestic natural scenery to the town itself.

Your White Mountains Realtor: Sedona is truly an enchanting place. That's where my wife and I were married. Just a few hours drive east of Sedona is the high country of the White Mountains where you can enjoy some of the best snow skiing in the southwest at Sunrise Ski Park. Snow skiing in Arizona? You betcha'!

Patricia Powell: I live here, and it never gets boring. It is absolutely gorgeous scenery year around. 

Steven Som: I agree the music on this video is lousy!  Sedona is a beautiful place the music should reflect that beauty.  Crummy music but awesome video.