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The Galapagos Islands are among the world&rsquos premier nature holiday destinations, and deservedly so: there might be no better place in the world for close-up encounters with wildlife than this remote archipelago that&rsquos the place to find a variety of unique and mild creatures. It&rsquos thus necessary to feel the Galapagos in a manner that affords intimate interactions with wildlife, with personalized interpretation by top naturalists—something you don&rsquot get with bigger luxury cruise ships and formal lectures, or fewer-qualified guides. With Nat Hab, you&rsquore assured an excellent Galapagos nature adventure—here&rsquos how:

  1. Small Groups Ensure Intimate Nature Encounters

    With only 16 to twenty visitors aboard our private chartered yachts, and every departure brought by two experienced Natural Habitat Expedition Leaders, you’ll explore the Galapagos in a tiny group with a maximum of eight to ten other travelers—it’s the very best guide-to-guest ratio within the islands!

  2. Private Chartered Yachts Keep Operations Inside Our Control

    Instead of delivering you thru a nearby ship-owner who takes bookings from many sources, we run every component of our Galapagos trips—from meeting yourself on arrival in Quito with the chartering in our small ships to escorting you to definitely the Quito airport terminal for the homeward flight. Only by managing each step in our operations are we able to can make sure that your trip is superlative—and we don&rsquot accept less!

  3. The Best Option of Vessels

    We take great care and pride when deciding on just the best small ships for the Galapagos adventures. With a variety of styles and cost-points, from ultra-luxurious to classic and comfy, our hands-selected fleet offers our visitors a gracious and intimate experience on every vessel. And you will travel only with a small amount of other Nat Hab visitors.

  4. Secluded Snorkeling Encounters

    Snorkeling may be the highlight for a lot of Galapagos visitors. Inquisitive ocean lions, elegant ocean turtles, agile penguins and schools of vivid fish provide endless excitement within the islands&rsquo obvious waters. But it may be disappointing should you&rsquore traveling aboard a bigger vessel to locate a large number of fellow snorkelers close to you, disturbing your experience. Within our small groups supported by two Expedition Leaders, marine existence is in the forefront, and also you&rsquore the only audience.

  5. The Itinerary Is important

    As WWF&rsquos conservation travel partner, we are fortunate to have several the planet&rsquos top wildlife biologists helping us develop our nature adventures. WWF is particularly mixed up in Galapagos, and our itineraries are particularly made to provide our small groups with close-up wildlife viewing encounters within the most personalized manner possible. Our seven-night itineraries include appointments with probably the most remote natural areas within the outer Galapagos Islands, that have more wildlife compared to more generally visited central islands.

  6. A Unique Remain at Our Private Camp on Santa Cruz is Incorporated

    Unique to the itinerary alone is definitely an optional overnight at our exclusive Turtle Camp within the lush highlands of Santa Cruz, where wild tortoises roam freely over this remote parcel of non-public land overlooking the Off-shore far below. Unique accommodations have been in elevated canvas camping tents and treehouses, encircled naturally, having a communal dining area and lounge space warmed with a log hearth.

  7. See Much more of Ecuador having a Hacienda Remain in the Andean Highlands

    Ecuador, though small in dimensions, is among the world’s most geographically and culturally diverse countries. Cleverly combined with your Galapagos immersion, all of our 10-day itineraries include a vacation to the Andean highlands having a two-night remain at a geniune colonial hacienda or chic wellness retreat close to the scenic mountain capital of scotland- Otavalo. Came from here, we go to a local village or more for any wealthy summary of a side of Ecudorian culture that’s clearly not the same as what you’ll encounter within the islands. As well as for individuals who don’t wish to miss Quito’s historic highlights, we are able to arrange an optional Quito city tour after or before your trip—inquire by having an Adventure Specialist.

  8. Search for Spectacled Bears & See Andean Condors on Hacienda Zuleta Departures

    Visitors that like select departures aboard the Petrel, Xploration and Sea Spray will love a remain at Hacienda Zuleta, the very best-rated guest hacienda in Ecuador as well as the best spot to see wildlife in the area, including wild Andean condors and spectacled bears. The hacienda also produces hand crafted cheeses, yogurt and cream from the herd of dairy cows, in addition to organic produce from the extensive gardens. A remain at Zuleta will certainly include excellent cuisine, among a number of significant encounters.

  9. The Earth’s Finest Naturalist Guides

    Natural Habitat Adventures is famous worldwide for using the greatest-quality guides in the market. We of elite Galapagos Expedition Leaders averages greater than fifteen years&rsquo guiding experience each. Furthermore, they receive training and sources from WWF&rsquos world-famous scientists. Our philosophy about this is fairly simple: A nature adventure is just just like the guide, therefore we simply must supply the best! See Expedition Leader bios and traveler comments regarding the caliber of our leaders.

  10. Our Quality-Value Guarantee Ensures Your Outstanding Galapagos Experience

    With Natural Habitat Adventures, you obtain our exclusive guarantee, clearly stating that we’ll satisfy the high expectations we occur our marketing materials. To the understanding, this is actually the most ambitious guarantee produced by any adventure local travel agency. Read our important promise.

  11. Feel Better About how you Travel

    All of us worry about the earth, and you may travel around understanding that the emissions out of your trip are 100-percent carbon-offset—Natural Habitat Adventures may be the world&rsquos first carbon-neutral local travel agency.

  12. Natural Habitat Adventures is WWF’s Travel Partner

    Due to our dedication to eco-friendly travel along with the exceptional quality in our worldwide adventures, World Wildlife Fund, the earth’s leading ecological conservation organization, has named Natural Habitat since it’s worldwide travel partner, a designation which makes us exceedingly proud!


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