Jetblue Your top performing employees

Reward the employees! Obtain the best possible fares for categories of 10 or even more with JetBlue’s Incentive Groups program.

Your top performing employees deserve our top performing service. Whether you are rewarding your best ten sales agents from round the country or delivering the whole office on a holiday, JetBlue can jet them on vacation with award-winning service and elegance.

With this Incentive Travel for categories of 10 or even more, you’ll obtain the best possible fare while your number of All-Stars will get to savor the JetBlue experience.

We should also help make your job simpler. Every time they visit you and your employees incredibly happy! JetBlue’s incentive travel is flexible and convenient:

  • Handle carefully. Our dedicated agents can be found between 9am and seven:30pm EST (6am and 4:30pm PST) Monday through Friday
  • What’s inside a name? We are the only real air travel that provides you free limitless name changes.
  • Together or separate, you choose! Whether booking blocked space in one place to another or individual space from multiple origins one destination, exactly the same great program can meet your needs.
  • Great rates. Your meeting attendees always jet in a great value.
  • No hard feelings. We are able to release 10% of seats as much as two months just before departure without penalty.
  • Low deposits. We simply request a $50 per person deposit to verify your seats.
  • Change is nice. We allow deviation of 10% at no cost. You pay the main difference in fare.
  • Give us per month. Final payment and names are due thirty days just before departure.

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If you want to make the most of our incentive travel discounts, you are able to complete the shape below and our dedicated crew people will contact you

over the following working day and happily answer any queries you might have. Please bear in mind that submitting this request doesn’t hold space or guarantee availability or fares.

You may also contact our dedicated JetBlue Conferences and Conventions agents Monday through Friday from 9am and seven:30pm EST (6am and 4:30pm PST) at 1-888-JETBLUE (538-2583), option 4. We expect to talking to you!


Jet Blue First Class REVIEW


JandAfan: Candice seems like such an amazing mum… she's always so happy and smiley with francine <3

Jax Teller: JandAfan ahahahhahaahahahahahahah

The_Gaming_Panda 162: JandAfan uii iii

MizunoGloveDude: Wow francine is like 2 years old and already flies in first class, I'm 20 and I have never been in buisness/ first class

Robin360: The difference between economy and business/first can be huge. For people that aren't rich, the difference in in what you get really isn't worth hundreds or thousands extra to get to the same place. It's just reality. You can splurge when you get to the destination as in a nice hotel in a nice room, or even better activities when you get there. 🙂 \n\nMe personally, I've gotten lucky and found awesome deals on upgrades hours before the flight. I only upgrade if the flight is long enough to be worth it.

Kermit The Balla: Who else felt bad for the Uber driver…hope they helped clean it up

Dan Vaught: That would be bad ass if you did Uber with a Ford Raptor. You could go out and jump it and shit.

Millidan: Ryan Smith or maybe don't shit in cars?

therandomkorean: I agree that taking a baby on a flight is going to annoy a lot of passengers. What's amusing is that some comments suggest taking a baby on a flight in coach is more acceptable. Basically, "it's okay to annoy the lower income masses, but unacceptable to annoy the higher income few." By body count, a baby flying coach is way way way worse!

Harleylover14: That is why coach costs less! You pay extra for first class to be treated well.

õ-õ: You just had to be that ONE passenger who brings the loud toddler in first class.

Prestige Moose: õ-õ I'm going to Cancun in a few days and it is a four hour flight and if there is a baby it's going to be really hard

CaseyNeistat: sorry this took so long to post. i had to reupload 3 times!!! not sure what happened??

Alizaa Pendleton: CaseyNeistat baby run way

Izabel Eritsyan: CaseyNeistat it's ok at least now it's uploaded

AWESOME BO3 GLITCHES: Kids really shouldn't be allowed into first class.

Ada Broeck: AWESOME BO3 GLITCHES like it's there fault I mean do you have kids do you now the struggle it is to fly with a baby �� !?����

ena: So what if people pay a lot of money for first class seats. The baby has every right to sit there. MOST people have headphones in anyways. If you can't handle a baby being noisy how do you handle life?!

Xymania: ena ikr!

Theme Park Nerd: ena i know