Select few travel

Small Groups: Our Only Focus

Select few travel is that people do – just 12 to 24 visitors by ourselves custom-designed tours. And it is all we’ve ever done, right from the start.

Because our organization originated using the select few travel experience, the little group philosophy means a great deal to us. It’s included in the first step toward our organization, in our mission, as well as every tour that people offer. We design and operate our tours particularly for small groups, instead of adapt a standard tour to consider less visitors, just like another travel firms that lately have "introduced" select few tours for their standard tour line-up.

We’ve proven that small groups and ideal value, coupled with superior quality, are a good mix. While you’re certain to find tours with less visitors, or affordable prices, or labeled "Luxurious" (using the prices to complement), you will not discover the mixture of value, quality, superior accommodations and amenities, and guaranteed small groups that people offer.

How can we get it done? We create and operate our very own tours then offer them straight to you – so no middlemen increase the cost on the way. Make certain carefully with this air travel, hotel, along with other travel partners to secure the cheapest rates possible. Only then do we put individuals rates to get affordable use by providing our tours in an excellent value – not always the cheapest cost, however the best ratio of cost to encounters, quality, and repair.

We invite you to definitely compare our tours with individuals of other travel companies – group size to group size hotel quality to hotel quality incorporated sightseeing to incorporated sightseeing itinerary to itinerary – and discover for yourself. You’ll discover that Odysseys Limitless provides the best package of select few travel and superior quality – in an excellent value.

The Little Group Experience

We design our escorted tours particularly for small categories of just 12 to 24 visitors, which enables us to move around more flexibly and efficiently enjoy more spontaneous encounters and notice a amount of freedom and independence not open to travelers on conventional group around 40 or even more.

Traveling by yourself you’d begin to see the major sights, but odds are you’d stick near to the traditional tourist routes. Our goal is to inform you the main sights and get you where you would like to take your personal but do not have the access or chance to organize yourself: behind the curtain, into private homes and traditional villages, to local schools and neighborhood restaurants, from the beaten path. Which is all in the organization of experienced tour company directors who share their countries – as well as their lives – along with you, getting destinations alive inside a truly personal and significant way.

Furthermore these possibilities increase your travels, but another person helps make the plans and manages every detail – departing you liberated to savor the little group experience.

Respect for the Freedom and Individuality

If you’ve prevented taking group tours, preferring to visit by yourself, we believe you will be amazed through the service, independence, and cost that Odysseys Limitless offers. And when you’re an experienced of traditional group tours, we’re confident you will be astounded by the numerous benefits of select few travel, in addition to through the top quality and outstanding value you’ll enjoy with Odysseys Limitless.

We provide the very best of all possible worlds: the worth, ease, and comprehensive itinerary of the group tour, and also the freedom, quality, and repair that sophisticated travelers demand, and deserve. With Odysseys Limitless you will not seem like you’re a part of a herd – we value your independence and individuality around you need to do. Because of this we don’t issue name tags or flight bags that immediately get you noticed like a "group traveler." Our type of select few travel is flexible, not rigid. If you undertake to sit down out an incorporated tour or more and set off by yourself, you’re entirely welcome to do this. So we think you’ll appreciate getting the periodic your meal by yourself, from the group.


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