Africa holiday tour types

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Our number of holiday types include holidays for families, wildlife safaris, beach holidays, safari and beach holidays, adventure travel, migrations safaris, luxury holiday, cultural and historic tours, honeymoon holidays, group tours, overland safaris and budget holidays. Our website offers something where one can develop a customized tour to the holiday destination in Africa. We all know Africa’s wildlife resource may be the major tourist attraction put into the enjoyable weather conditions and fine beach destinations. At TravelBuddyAfrica we tailor-make tours and safaris round the wildlife attraction in Africa thus providing you a multitude of holiday types to select from. Our expert and experience tour consultant are knowledgeable which holidaymaker destinations matches perfectly using the kind of holiday tour your pick. Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia are great tour destinations for wildlife watching safaris, adventure African safaris and honeymoons holidays. For wildlife migrations safaris, Kenya and Tanzania is unequalled. Mountain Gorilla trekking safaris are only able to be transported in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. However, TravelBuddyAfrica doesn’t offer Congo Tours up to now. The very best places in Africa for adventure rock climbing safaris include Mt Kenya in Kenya, and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, in addition to Rwenzoris Mountain tops in Uganda – Africa’s third greatest peaks.

We provide bespoke beach holiday tour types to idyllic tropical beach destinations around the shores from the Indian Sea across the extensive East & Southern Africa shoreline. Our beach holiday types include family, honeymoon and all sorts of inclusive beach holidays. With Travel Buddy Africa, we not just provide you with essential details about the kinds of Africa safaris, but we provide insights on ideal destinations for the dream holiday type. Because of so many attractions and accordingly various holiday tour types, the toughest part is selecting. Let our tour consultants’ assist you to design a memorable Africa holiday incorporating your interest.

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