Honeymoon indonesia – for romantic exploring and unforgetable adventure holidays

Honeymoon indonesia - for romantic exploring and unforgetable adventure holidays Balinese bells

First Day

– an intimate hotel put on the sandy beach B/B

– honeymoon welcome fruit refreshment & flowers on arrival

– a honeymoon present: 2 traditional batik sarong, Balinese traditional lady bag, frangipani hairpins

– get at the Denpasar airport terminal and transport to hotel incorporated

Day 2

– free day for swimming, sunbathing, jogging, going through the surroundings

– optional you are able to rent the bike or motorbike

– romantic dinner with a bottle from the wine around the beach

Day 3

– Nusa dua beach, Seminyak beach, shopping

– romantic Tanah Lot by sunset

Day 4

– transport to some romantic place to go for honeymooners inside a Litle paradise resort with health spa encircled by eco-friendly forest, mountain tops and ancient temples within the Indonesia B/B

– on the way in which visit Nusa dua beach, Water palace, market using the traditional events Balinese bells

– welcome honeymoon 1-hour romantic massage with bath flower

– welcome honeymoon dinner having a bottle of Hatten wine

Day 5

– morning Fire fertility ceremony

– free for swimming

Honeymoon indonesia - for romantic exploring and unforgetable adventure holidays shopping    

   Day7– go to the children camp: learning Balinese dance, Balinese offering basket, gamelan music

– yoga

Day 6

– morning Fire fertility ceremony

– get and transport towards the luxury Balinese villas & health spa in the center of grain fields

– visit art city, galleries, shopping


– morning grain trecking

– free for swimming

– get and transport towards the Denpasar airport terminal incorporated

Resourse: http://spiritual-indonesia-tour.com/honeymoon-indonesia/
Honeymoon indonesia - for romantic exploring and unforgetable adventure holidays using the traditional events

ABANDONED honeymoon resort (Penn Hills)


lucy: go to an abandoned Disney resort!

Yesh I is here.: Joshkilla And The Boss family *by

Emma Crawford: I actually stayed here for a week back in the late 70s. I got caught in a snow storm and got snowed in near Mt. Pocono and this was the only place I could find a room that a taxi could still get to. \n\nThe room they had me in had a Champagne glass for a "bath tub". It was the coolest thing ever. It was everything you can picture a cheesy resort of this type to be and then some. They had the bathrobes, the slippers, room service 24 hours a day, the maid would go in and clean the room in the afternoon, and then come back at night and turn the bed down and leave rose petals and chocolates. And it was that maid who you scored the weed from, should you be so inclined.\n\nThe club was something else too. It had a raised stage that had a long table and thats where the Newlyweds would sit to play their version of the Newlywed Game. People in the club would write down TV Newlywed Game type questions like.. what was the last argument about? Or what friend of hers does he find most attractive. If your question was chosen and the couples answers didn't match, you got a shot of whatever you wanted. The winning couple got a bottle of Champagne, and they always shared it with the club goers. That bar at one time was heart shaped, even though you can't tell it now. And it had the same "valentines red" on it that was found everyplace though out the rooms and lodge itself. \n\nThe place was immaculate. Its 10 steps passed fucked up to see what it looks like now.\nAwesome video. I'm going to go find a maid.

elise gallow: Oh if those mattresses could talk

Anna Reid: Slippy CoCo

Jeffrey Dotson: Here's a thought: Out of all the couple's who had their honeymoon at this place, how many of their relationships are a mirror image of this abandoned resort?

Pretty PuppyPolly: Jeffrey Dotson \nfuckin hell

Pretty PuppyPolly: Topassium c

prismstudios001: You DO NOT want to shine a blacklight on those mattresses!

Venice Mackay: lol

VernDude Roblox-And more!: prismstudios001 Holden Makok HAHAHAHA

Im Phixed: Think of all the sex that happened in these places

41192tara: +Im Phixed All I can say since it was the 70's is so much bush!

Royal Bridgeman: I came to see this video coz to see old sex. tbh

Abby: My aunt came in when I was watching this and asked what I was watching. I told her it was a guy walking around an abandoned resort. She stayed and watched for a minute and recognized the outside of the building. She told me she stayed there with my uncle in 1988

john m: we stayed thier in 1990 was a nice place

Haley N: A lot of people were probably conceived there ��

otterlover95: +N JK I thought it was both….. together.

Joy Hibbs: Yup….me… :D

Monkey Bear: Just think how many people banged on those beds….