Romantic adventure vacations

Romantic adventure vacations bordered by Mexico and

Belize might not be the very first destination you think of for any couples retreat, nevertheless its abundance of beach resorts, organic spas, lush nature and adventure activities sets the atmosphere for romance. The little country is roughly how big Nh, bordered by Mexico and Guatemala, and lapped by aquamarine Caribbean waters. It is also the place to find the world’s second largest barrier reef.

Couples can explore this underwater world from the coast of Ambergris Caye, a 25-mile lengthy Caribbean island. Remain at The Phoenix Resort in San Pedro, an angling-village-switched-dive-destination where golf carts tend to be more common than cars around the sandy cobblestone roads. Couples remaining in the resort can unwind on their own private veranda overlooking the ocean, absorb the Jacuzzi tub stocked with Aveda products, and splash around within the saline infinity and lap pools. Under a 5-minute beach leave is Amigos Del Marly dive shop, where one can join a couple’s snorkeling or dive trip. You are able to go swimming with stingrays and nurse sharks at Shark Ray Alley, or go to the Blue Hole together to see into the top of the an old underwater cave having a collapsed roof.

After exploring this underwater world together with your partner, experience some Mayan healing when you are back at first glance. Sol Health spa, located within the Phoenix Resort, offers traditional Mayan treatments. It’s operated by Utah-born siblings Carrie and Charlene Tengler, who both traveled towards the mountain tops of western Belize to obtain been trained in Mayan Abdominal Massage in the technique’s founder, Dr. Rosita Arvigo.

When done regularly, MAM aids in irregular periods, infertility, and bloating for example acidity reflux and ibs. The restorative massage likewise helps you are feeling more balanced. Another strategy to couples to test may be the organic cacao and masa (or cornmeal) glo. It smells scrumptious, and both ingredients are staples within the traditional Mayan diet. Your counselor adds salt after which applies the mix with expert strokes to buff the skin. Chocolate need not be eaten to become an aphrodisiac.


Jay Alvarrez in South Pacific (Alexis Ren)


MRgn: I'd be their third wheel anyday tbh.

Airynn Alysha: ikr gahshahahaha

WenZhang: Every time I watch it remind me what I really want to do in my life, other than sitting in front of the computer. Although many people see this as a show off, I rather see it as a inspiration of how beautiful outside world is.

94Zero: The most of us are just Worker Bees, but do we really need to be?

Rift Plays: WenZhang exactly

Pete Gottschalk: bruh how tf does he swim with goddamn packs of sharks i shit myself when i see a fish in a lake

isiscampos14: Wtf

TheHusinetenberg: It makes me cry because i am just Sitting in my fuckin room and eating donuts

Ana Ana: You're not alone bruh ������

Verena Eberhardt: I don't know about you guys but I´m not sleeping in swimwear

Lei: More like, "body of my dreams" lol\nAm I right ladies?

Khurnike Brilliantari: my dream have body like her, I miss my body 11 years ago, if I can back to that time :(

Maddy Harvey: After travelling, I've realized that anything can look beautiful with the right artistic eye. Jay is an artist. The world is a beautiful place, just look at the sky during sunset. I've seen some of the beautiful things he's filmed and while they have made me unbelievably happy, the experiences don't look like this. There isn't a filter, there's no music and flashy edits. It's real and it's more and also less than videos like these. You can go to the most beautiful beach on earth with the most stunning girl and still be miserable while filming a video. I went away thinking my life would be like this…but it wasn't, and I realized that was a good thing because this is someone's art. I don't want artistic perfection, I want life.

Denis Stoyanov: No matter how many people dream of living your life, your mind will always be elsewhere and remain unsatisfied. Feels familiar and it's one of the things I've come to realise after doing things I've dreamt for years. You're awesome for being open about it though, it just proves you're more genuine than many people here would say.

Morgan Kane: I'm living such an uneventful life

J E: Go get it. As soon as I saw those videos i knew I had to motivate too achieve my goals one by one to get for real those feeling whe have watching this doppe dream

elise cnsty: heyy go checkout my videos you won't regret it!!

Elena: Everyone stop complaining. Get a good education, go to the gym. Bam problem solved. Their parents are probably millionaires. You may not have a life exactly like that but if you work hard, you can achieve anything

Katiann Rocha: Elena how do you know they didn't work hard for it? How do you know that their parents didn't work hard to give their kids a good life��

wang runze: yes, we cannot have a same life with them, but…do the best to achieve our dream…that s what we can do…