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United States Backwoods Leadership School (NAWLS) is dedicated to supplying you by having an remarkable backwoods adventure. Our most important on all journeys and courses is safety. We never compromise safety and try everything possible to make sure you possess the safest and many enjoyable trip possible. Our experienced guides manage a number of significant weather and route related hazards, however they cannot get rid of them. They tap into their insightful training and experience to make certain you will find the safest trip possible.

Trip Plans & Itinerary:

NAWLS’s trip plans and itineraries are susceptible to change according to weather, terrain, route conditions and a number of additional circumstances. Basically we make an effort to maintain all listed plans and itineraries, we reserve the authority to change plans as necessary to make sure that all visitors get the safest and greatest quality trip possible.

Should any trip be cancelled because of weather, route conditions, or inadequate signups, a complete trip refund is going to be provided.

Age Needs:

To guarantee the safest and greatest quality trip for those participants, NAWLS adheres towards the following age-specific needs:

  • Ages 4 & Under: No participants age 4 & under.
  • Ages 5 to 14: May take part in all Family Adventure journeys. Should be supported with a parent or legal protector.
  • Ages 15-17: May take part in all journeys and courses. Should be supported with a parent or legal protector.
  • Ages 18 & above: No limitations.

Note: Under-aged participants on private journeys and classes are assessed with an individual basis.

Guest Responsibilities:

Backwoods adventures require both individual commitment and team unification. To guarantee the strength and success from the team we ask that every participant:

  • be physically and psychologically fit and correctly attired and outfitted.
  • be truthful and accurate to describe their fitness, health, skills and equipment for their guides to make sure that everybody on their own team has got the chance for any safe, fun and effective backwoods adventure.


A 50% deposit is needed to secure your reservation. Payments might be made via personal U.S. check (preferred), or by Paypal. Please be aware that Paypal payments need a 3% additional fee for U.S. residents along with a 4% additional fee for worldwide residents. Send payments by check to United States Backwoods Leadership School, 13110 NE 177th Place, Woodinville, Washington 98072, or by Paypal to: . Full payment arrives thirty days before the oncoming of your vacation.


If you want to cancel your reservation please tell us as quickly as possible. Cancellation policies are listed below:

  • 3 months or even more just before trip start date: 100 % refund of deposit.
  • 60-3 months just before trip start date: guest is going to be billed 50% from the deposit.
  • 30-two months just before trip start date: guest is going to be billed 100% from the deposit.
  • thirty days or fewer just before trip start date: guest is going to be billed 100% of trip cost.

Note: We highly encourage you to definitely consider purchasing travel cover. Typical policies provide coverage for trip cancellation, delay and medical expenses. Travel cover provides the perfect protection for travel related illness, injuries, or delay.


Backpacking Adventure in Oregon: 2 Night 3 Days on Eagle Creek.


yomaam12345: RelationshipGoals

Mike Ackerman: In case you ever make your way back out there, there is a offshoot trail at a clearing on your right, a little ways before that overlook of Punbowl Falls. There is a trail that leads down to the base that is a great place to pack a lunch or go swimming in the warmer months.

scruffydude1: I have hiked this hike probably no less than 20 times and it is truly my favorite hike and you stayed at 71/2 mile camp awesome tunnel falls, high bridge  isn't tunnel falls cool? pretty narrow after the falls huh  and no it isn't a natural tunnel I live about 40 minutes from here

scruffydude1: Jerry EastmanI couldn't agree more it is a beautiful hike to the falls

Donna D: ramona falls!!!

MrBook: Man, this is like the perfect hiking video. The focus is on the beautiful scenery, but with enough of the hikers shown to draw you in, the narration is engaging and charming but not constant, and no music outside of intros and endings, just beautiful natural sounds. It's so simple, but so many people get it wrong. Very well done, and you guys are just super-likable. Thanks for putting this up. This kind of thing really hits the spot when I'm not able to get out in nature myself but still feeling the draw.

Andy Timinsky: Thanks for watching! I hope it motivates people to get out more. \n\nAndy

David Steinke: it's spaghetti with meat sauce! "I don't want that" Andy:"oh we don't want that"

I know you are, but what am I: There is plentiful trout above the falls, if you fly fish.

WWExploring 1984: Excellent work Andy, Thanks for sharing!

Andy Timinsky: +WWExploring 1984 Thanks for watching!

1AmericanInAsia: Have you given any thought to fly fishing during your trips? I'm sure the fish would taste great out of that river.

matanuska high: there are salmon in the lower first quarter mile at the hatchery of eagle river but i doubt anything is above any of the falls.. oneanta gorge has fish all the way to the falls..just small cutthroat trout though..10 inches would be a big one..i used to fish this area a whole lot

Roni F.: Great video!!!! plan to make a trip down to Oregon just to do this hike!!!!! Thanks for sharing

Andy Timinsky: +Roni F. Have fun, it's such a great trail! \n\n-Andy

Shadow: gawwd  where's  the Hand rails on some of  these trails??

matanuska high: there used to be a cable along the ciff to via ferrata if you wanted with safety..mostly only people with children use it..i didnt see any of it in this video though and i havent hiked this trail since 2003

matanuska high: +matanuska high i lied at 12:45 i see the cable..

Daniel Zunarelli: amazing place! greetings from Brazil

Jeffrey Johnson: Those trails looked scary narrow.  wouldn't want to stumble