Family adventure garden – dallas botanical garden

Exotic Peak and Bluestem Bluff – How high are you able to climb?  Bluestem Bluff will feature periodic wildflowers, native grasses and timber from the Texas Hill Country. Exotic Peak results in a dramatic pinnacle to climb, “hike,” and explore the hill country and discover about wind patterns and soil erosion.

Shade structure on the top of Exotic Peak

Huisache Way – This wooded nature play zone includes materials for building and playing in forts, using nature being an artistic canvas, participating in outside acoustic and physical encounters, dramatic play, and constructing with loose natural parts.

Pecan Grove – With pecan trees as cover, the Pecan Grove results in a gathering space for interpretation, occasions, or programs.  Tunnels, slides, along with a tree trunk structure will promote balance, challenge, and nature play, while promoting Texas’ condition tree.

Forts, weaving loom, and stage

Together with natural aspects of rocks, dirt, plants and water, creatively designed play elements, — a Stage, Botanical Weaving Looms, and Forts — created by local builder, Attie Jonker – will engage the imagination and encourage your kids to understand more about, pretend, uncover and make.


Dallas Arboretum – Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden


Daniel A Guajardo: Is there a separate entrance for the children's garden? Or is it accessible from inside the original gardens?

Jeff Davis: Daniel A Guajardo