Family adventures

Family adventures of Africa during safari

Not just is MTS the famous leader in adventure travel, we tailor adventures particularly for families. Us adventures are educational, fun, and can include an array of activities and cultural encounters that are certain to constitute interest to travelers of every age group.

Award-Winning Adventures. Take a look at exciting family-friendly options from Alaska towards the Southwest, the Gal├ípagos Islands, the Swiss Alps, and beyond. Witness the incredible wildlife of Africa during safari, have a rafting and camping trip lower Idaho&rsquos Salmon River, or live the excitement of zip lining over the lush canopies from the Costa Rican rainforest. Travel+Leisure named us “The Best,” so we we do hope you will, too.

An opportunity to Bond and discover. Every year, multi-generational families return to MTS for summer time vacations, college reunions, and special events. A number of our clients say our journeys were instrumental in teaching their kids the of travel, culture, and global perspective.

Don&rsquot Sweat the facts, We’ll. It&rsquos unequalled travel and adventure as methods to bring the household together and make recollections you’ll always remember! Leave the irritation of logistics towards the experts to be able to enjoy and relax this excellent time together. (In the end, you deserve a holiday too!)

Fully Customizable Itineraries. You&rsquoll discover that our diverse trip choices can hold whatever kind of adventuresome family trip you&rsquore searching for. And, should you don&rsquot find the ideal trip, we&rsquoll produce a custom itinerary for the one-of-a-kind family adventure.


Summer hair cut reveal & crazy pictionary with The Costa Family


Gaming Turtles ­čśÇ: your videos are not great their amazing!!�� xD´╗┐

cute chinchilla: ——´╗┐

Ary Ryon: Gaming Turtles ­čśÇ I agree´╗┐


Niamh Love: Krazy Me they can't give everyone a shout out they try there best´╗┐

Noormohamed Jin: kora´╗┐

Kora Harris: Noormohamed Jin yes´╗┐

Elijah Theophile: evee didntcut´╗┐

Holly Allen: Cora got a haircut´╗┐

Mimi Azem: TEXAS´╗┐

Kay Millsap: Mimi Azem me too´╗┐

Mimi Azem: Kay Millsap Yaaaassss!����������´╗┐

Gaming Turtles ­čśÇ: white jeans is Klai�� elephant is Shae�� and beside Klai is Rykel�� ! hihi��´╗┐

fashioning1: I think shea,cora,evie´╗┐

Penny Bentley: shae´╗┐

Holly Allen: Cora cut it then klai and mom made it straight´╗┐

Makala Holaday: Kansas´╗┐

Lauren Thomas: rykell´╗┐

Lauren Thomas: clay´╗┐

Samuel Martinez: water balloon´╗┐