Is Egypt a good place to live? Do you enjoy it?

Egypt is the greatest home in theoretically due to the weather and also the demographic diversity it’s . Even the Egyptians are mainly very kind and useful. BUT because of many factors Egypt has grew to become poor and corrupted , you cannot reside in such place where law is just put on weak and the indegent, you will get in danger for those who have no social connections or relations with either army or police. Accordingly also corruption is all over the place , it normally won’t use the same law on everybody and for that reason many people living there just doing what they need and ignoring what the law states. If there’s no corruption in Egypt In my opinion it will likely be among the best places on the planet because also they’ll understand how to mange their sources fairly and also the law could be put on everybody with no variations.

Security too is an issue because of the corruption because police and security services mostly are busy protecting the political system as well as their connections rather however in general I still think that the crimes rates in Egypt continues to be less than a number of other Countries in europe and certainly less than in america. In summary everything I’d say should you got the cash and also the power then Egypt is the greatest world as you’ll be able to enjoy every single second of the existence within this nice climate ,wonderful nature and incredibly kind useful people. Still Egypt may be the greatest and most powerful in Middle East despite all of the problems they’ve, and much better than a number of other Countries in europe for those who have enough sources.

Everywhere on the planet has got the pros and cons, let’s accept this trouble as it were.

Egypt is most likely exactly the same actually it may be better still, largely based on which class and hierarchy you’re in. A rustic with historic and touristic wonders, amusing natural beaches and diving sites, religious sites, entertainments of just about all types, take your pick. You’ll find almost anything. And just what adds sweet towards the cake is the class within the society the greater you’re able to handle the ultimate everyday stresses, earn more, and become more composed, the greater you’ll enjoy your remain in this area. That is why this is applicable almost simply to the aristocratic .5-1% or perhaps .1% from the entire population.

But you’ll also find all you don’t like: faulty education tactics, debauchery, treachery, lengthy governmental processes, high costs, dirty roads, poor infrastructure except possibly new metropolitan areas undergoing construction, and finally the Egyptian fazlaka ( a phrase used when you are performingOrstating something with no fundamental understanding about this but you’re doing/saying it anyway, in rare cases it may save your day but generally it’s disastrous and annoying for those ).

Maadi or El-Ma’adi is definitely an affluent, leafy suburban district south of Cairo, Egypt, around the east bank from the Earth about 12 km upriver from downtown Cairo. The Earth at Maadi is parallelled through the Corniche, a waterfront promenade and also the primary road north into Cairo. There’s no bridge over the Earth at Maadi the closest the first is found at El Mounib across the Ring Road in route north towards the downtown. maadi real estate

Safaga as well as in South Sinai are very well known of the Bedouins natural management of different illnesses, they will use hot sands and natural ocean water and caves for treatments they learned using their grandfathers. Mainly based on herbal plants and natural mineral waters

There are other advanced and quite trustworthy famous centers recognized around the worldwide level run and managed by a few famous Egyptian doctors like: Prof. Mohamed Ghoneim center of Urology & Nephrology situated in El Mansoura. During Aswan there’s Prof. Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation

In most cases living costs anywhere in Egypt is suitable and cost-effective, as Egypt is comparatively cheap in the prices particularly now where one can exchange 1$ for 10 L.E.

The elements is warm all year long around are usually hot, winter is brief, cold although not snowing, on some areas like Alexandria and north cost every occasionally in the winter months it rains heavily for a few days approximately.

The last comment from my experience of visiting many regions, any traveling experience to new country depends upon your acceptance and readiness to really make it the very best country to reside in … enjoy your vacation anywhere you go.