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South Marco Beach Access

South Marco BeachLocation: South Collier Boulevard on Marco Island

Hrs: 8 a.m. to sundown

Phone: (239) 252-4000

South Marco Beach Access is really a 67 automobile parking space lot with lavatory access.

The parking area is situated on Swallow Avenue and it is a brief walk across South Collier Boulevard to some one-acre beach access. The walk has sabal palm and it is encircled by plush hotels on Marco Island. Uncover this escape!

South Marco Beach Sign

Tigertail Beach

Tigertail Beach SignLocation: Hernando Drive on Marco Island

Hrs: 8 a.m. to sunset

Phone: (239) 252-4000

It’s your choice:

• Experience 32 acres of among the world’s most significant habitats for wintering and nesting shorebirds. Indexed by the truly amazing Florida Birding Trail Guide among the best all-around birding locations in bonita springs.

• Explore the tidal lagoon that separates the Tigertail Beach Park in the condition managed Big Marco Pass Critical Wildlife Area typically referred to as the Sand Dollar Spit. The lagoon hosts a multitude of wildlife including horseshoe crabs, needle fish, Florida fighting conchs, and much more.

• Benefit from the Gulf in the Sand Dollar Spit. Should you visit this website, be familiar with periodic postings made to safeguard the nesting colonies and don’t forget to rehearse good birding etiquette.

Park Amenities Include:

• Park Attendant and Park Rangers

• 210 parking spaces including 8 hourly parking spaces/6 handicap parking

o There’s an 8.00 daily beach parking fee for non-beach parking permit holders.

o Hourly parking is 1.50 each hour.

• 6 boardwalks / #6 nearest direct accessibility GulfOrNumber1, #2 and #6 ADA accessible

• Tigertail Beach Café / complete restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. Beer and wine available.

• Rest room facilities

• Education Kiosk

• Children’s playground

• Butterfly Garden

• Picnic area with tables and grills

• Beach rentals

o Stand-up Paddleboards

o Kayaks

o Electric Seaquirts

o Water Trikes

o Electric Motorboats

o Paddleboats

o Beach Cabanas and Chairs

There’s a lot to do and see while at Tigertail Beach Park .. spend some time and revel in your visit.

Resourse: http://colliergov.internet/your-government/divisions-f-r/parks-and-entertainment/beaches-and-motorboats/

Tour of Beautiful Marco Island, Florida


Trey Drier: Been going to Marco Island for 25 years. Just bought a direct access lot 2 blocks from the beach in January. Breaking ground for our new home in a few weeks.  My wife and I are very excited.  People don't realize the island has something like 50 restaurants.  Marco Brewery was nice addition last year.  DaVinci's and Prime are also very good along with the local favorite The Snook Inn.  And its 30 minutes from downtown Naples if you like to shop. It used to be the best kept secret but the word is out.

Pierre Repooc Productions: +Trey Drier Nice comment. Welcome to paradise. Marco Island was voted best island in the U.S.A. so it's hard to keep the secret. Like you, I've been going to Marco for 25 years. Hard to quit a good thing.

Gilles Jamieson: Trey Drie

Clark Kent: The people that actually live here permanently are good people.\nUnfortunately we have to deal with people that buy or rent property and come for 1 or 2 weeks, or the winter season.\nThey like to act like they have money. They like to be rude because they own property here. Most are senior citizens & drive around in a daze either medicated or sightseeing.\nWe can't go to our favorite fishing spots, stores, restaurants, bars because these "tourists" are everywhere clogging up the roads. The left lane on Collier blvd. is for sight seeing obviously. God forbid you ever need a prescription for anything filled on Marco during season. Lines of old farts being rude everywhere, every day during season.\nTHANK GOD IT'S LATE MAY AND MOST OF THE WANNA BEES HAVE LEFT FOR THE SUMMER.

DealioTV: Great video

Pierre Repooc Productions: +DealioTV \nThanks, glad you enjoyed it.

dvferyance: I assume the snow route sign is a joke.

dvferyance: Marco Island is about as south as you can get in Florida with the exception of the keys.

Matt Jones: Marco Island is as south as Miami and when I visited it in February of 2009 it was sunny and 80 degrees everyday.

Scott Jackson: While crossing that bridge, you can smell the money.

Pierre Repooc Productions: Right on Scott.

Richard Lee Rodgers: my baby brother his wife and son have lived there for past two years that place is to high class for me no wonder they haven't invited me down

Richard Patyk: It's hard to find a place to park just  to go to the beach and when you do find one they charge you up the wing wang. Pack a few thousand dollars if your planning on staying overnight.

Brady Thompson: great vid

Pierre Repooc Productions: Glad you liked it.

Brady Thompson: I reconized everything in this vid

Pierre Repooc Productions: Well, maybe not everything. One clip was taken from my condo 🙂 ?

Brady Thompson: I have been going here for 5 years

Pierre Repooc Productions: Yes, it is addictive. I have seen many changes in my 27 years visiting Marco.

Russell Reflective Media: Lol awesome! I wish I could visit again. I just got back from a quick Florida Trip.