Copper gorge tours in chihuahua mexico with tarahumara guide

Copper gorge tours in chihuahua mexico with tarahumara guide Tribe with Eco-alter

“The tour with Chunel would be a real insight towards the Raramuri culture. Don’t miss an opportunity to obtain a tour with him when you are getting to Creel and also have a wonderful experience.”– Carmen


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Feel the Copper Gorge and also the Tarahumara Tribe with Eco-alter NATIVE Tours. Your authentic guides hook you up using the stunning scenery, native people, and existence within the Sierra.

Together, both you and your tour guide navigate the pathways from the Copper Gorge.

Not one other tour walks you using it . pathways, to sit down underneath the same trees, and breathe exactly the same air because the Rarámuri. Eco-AlterNATIVE Tours offers an intimate, exclusive Rarámuri experience, all while having to pay attention to not disrupt the colourful lives from the native population.

The Raramuri people have confidence in a simple method of existence where the trees, rocks, and valleys are not only seen significant, but they have souls that intertwine all of us. With the eyes of the native guide, as well as your open mind, become familiar with a brand new appreciation of nature not only with the stunning views but with the CONNECTION felt within the living, breathing soul from the Sierra.

Copper gorge tours in chihuahua mexico with tarahumara guide you up using theThe Raramuri people, although challenged by outdoors forces have survived and maintained an easy, spiritual method of existence within the Sierra Tarahumara. Your best guide will share tales of the struggles and triumphs, together with instructing you on the captivating truth of the beliefs within the link between all things nature, including us.

While you have the warmth from the sun that illuminates the rock formations and obtain exactly the same dirt in your ft because the Raramuri, you are able to think about the expertise of an excursion that does not only permitted for sightseeing, but opened up your vision and hearts to a different thought process concerning the existence that exists anyway and it is effect on our everyday lives, because the Raramuri value it.




Jamie Banks: Wow your shots are beautiful! One of my favorite things about traveling is looking out the window.

Natasha Jerjomina: really love to know people are enjoying the videos 🙂 the views were really breath taking here, would do it again someday.

A9JUL: THANX for doing Chihuahua. Northern Mexico is always disregarded. Zacatecas and Baja California are nice too. Once again, Another gorgeous video Natasha and Alex.

Natasha Jerjomina: it actually was my favourite area of Mexico, very unique from the rest. I would love to go back and explore those parts more next time. and thank you for supporting our videos!

Francisco Lopez: Such a good video, congrats!

Natasha Jerjomina: Thank you so much Francisco!

arturo imperial garcia: There are the tarahumaras Indigenous are very famous Because they run up to 100 kilometers Across the canyon They have run with the best runners In the biggest marathons in the world the tarahumaras I most surprisingly they run with sandals Kilometers I the other athletes with tennis I have won many times the first place

Natasha Jerjomina: A lot bare footed because apparently its better than shoes for them. but we travel alot around chihuahua, But never saw the runners. I'm guessing they are busy farming in the winter month.

Curious Explorer: Great Mexico video loved watching wish I was there lol!!! I subbed and liked and I hope you don't mind to sub me back. Thanks ;-)

Natasha Jerjomina: i would love to go back. and i will go have a look :)

i'm hannah: wow your thumbnails are all so pretty �� loved this video !!

Natasha Jerjomina: thank you Hannah! i just watched your Austrialia Travel vlog. it looks amazing there. And your food made me want pancakes :D

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Jose Juan: another great video and amazing shots! lots of memories.

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Jose Juan: Nice. .just around the corner! Best of luck with the move and everything else! :))

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