6 reasons not to miss backwoods festival (again)!

It’s the festival that’s rewiring our thought of four day weekend revelry, and setting a dark tone for just about any attempt for Wanderlust the united states may ever see. Occur the wonderful grounds of Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire (filled with lake and moving eco-friendly hillsides), Backwoods Festival may be the epitome of rejuvenating festivals – and something that you simply wellness buffs will like.

Listed here are 5 good reasons to mark your calendar, subscribe for early bird rates, rather than (ever) miss Backwoods Festival again.

Wild Runs

Yes, you need to pack your trainers for Backwoods – since once you set eyes around the attractive Oxfordshire countryside, you’re likely to wish to be among it. If you are not learning the skill of 5 rhythms within the forest, then you will be trotting with the hillsides along with other over-passionate festival goers who’ve clearly had the experience and carried this out before! Backwoods is the type of weekend break that you’ll leave feeling totally rejuvenated, and 3km ‘Wild Runs’ are certainly likely to be part and parcel to that particular.

The Sanctuary

It’s a solo wellness festival within the making where you will be spending 50% of your energy – it’s obviously, The Sanctuary. The creation of Claire Hamilton and Colette Crespin, The Sanctuary pays homage to the skill of wellbeing in each and every possible way. In the 44ft Yoga Hurt to Meditation Pods and Workshops, it’s a location to recharge and zen-ify yourself when festival overwhelm takes over. Grab a massage, a warm solar shower (believe it or not) and revel in inspiring sessions with a few of the UK’s favourite wellness gurus.

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Superfood Workshops

Made to energise your body and mind – it’s a festival where superfoods rule. Gathering with like-minded overall health enthusiasts is easily the most incredible method to learn and celebrate the finer things in existence, like maca, cacao and coconut oil.

The Sanctuary at Wilderness Festival

Real Festival Food 

Finally, a festival that satisfies the superfood loving tastebuds of health-conscious people – with overwhelming variety. With multiple coconut retailers on hands and superfood smoothies as well, come supper – i was challenged to choose between vegetarian sushi and buddha bowls. Picture agreeing around the Pukka tea tent like a rendezvous point for buddies and warming their hands on a sugar-free coconut milk hot cocoa before going to sleep (err, air bed rather). Real festival food – that’s what we’re speaking about.

Yoga Daily

Standard practice for Backwoods-goers. Inside a yurt, on the field, through the lake… we’re speaking attractive, get-of-bed-at-6am worthy yoga classes from a few of the UK’s best instructors. Considering that you will be fueling your self on real festival food, there isn’t any chance you will be missing the 8am session you subscribed to within the Sanctuary!

Mainstream Mindfulness 

You’re the rule, and not the exception, so far as meditation-enthusiasts go! We’ve never heard so lots of people speaking about mindfulness like it’s normally as eating breakfast. And so far as ‘being within the moment’ goes, Backwoods cultivates a genuine feeling of presence so we can promise which come Sunday you’re certainly not going to wish to depart.

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