7. how lengthy made it happen decide to try build the sanctuary?

7. how lengthy made it happen decide to try build the sanctuary? at this


instructions or pattern for building the sanctuary received to Moses

soon after God spoke and authored 10 Commandments on tables of

stone. Based on Exodus 19:1-11 we all know the law was talked to

Israel throughout the third month after departing Egypt. Therefore, it is

logical to figured that the commencement of regarding the

sanctuary was soon after this.


after giving Moses all of the instructions for building the sanctuary and

again before Moses asks the entire congregation to create free

will choices to built the sanctuary for God to dwell among them,

Israel is advised from the 4th commandment:-


thou also unto the kids of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye

shall keep: for it’s a sign between all of us during your

generations that ye may have heard that i’m god that doth sanctify

you. Ye shall keep your sabbath therefore for this is holy unto you:

everybody that defileth it shall surely be offer dying: for whosoever

doeth any work within, that soul will be stop from among his

people. Six days may go be achieved however in the seventh may be the sabbath of

rest, holy towards the LORD: whosoever doeth any operate in the sabbath day, he

shall surely be offer dying. Wherefore the kids of Israel shall

keep your sabbath, to see the sabbath in their generations,

for any perpetual covenant. It’s a sign between me and also the kids of

Israel for good: for in six days god made paradise and earth, as well as on

the seventh day he rested, and it was refreshed. Exodus 31:13-17.


days shall work be achieved, but around the seventh day there will be for you

an holy day, a sabbath of sleep towards the LORD: whosoever doeth work

within will be offer dying. Exodus 35:2.


makes a person question why God would help remind His selected people of 1

particular commandment at this era?


had been given for that immediate erection from the tabernacle for

the service of God and today the folks might conclude, since the

object been on view was the glory of God, as well as due to their

great will need a host to worship, they could be justified in

working in the building upon the Sabbath. To protect them out of this

error, the warning was handed. The sacredness and emergency of this

special work with God mustn’t cause them to infringe upon His holy rest

day. Patriarchs and Prophets by E. G. White-colored, page 313.


Exodus chapters 36 – 39 we read in a substantial amount of detail everything the

crafts women and men designed for the sanctuary. Chapter 39 concludes with

these verses:-


was everything from the tabernacle from the tent from the congregation

finished: and also the kids of Israel did based on everything god

commanded Moses, so did they. Plus they introduced the tabernacle unto

Moses, . . . Based on everything god commanded Moses, therefore the

kids of Israel made everything. And Moses did look upon all of the

work, and, behold, they’d tried it because the LORD had commanded, nevertheless

had they tried it: and Moses fortunate them. Exodus 39:32, 33, 42, 43.


an awe-inspiring procession that has to happen to be with the builders

from the sanctuary getting the things they had made unto Moses. With the

white-colored linen curtain, the red, crimson and blue curtains, the tent and

it’s coverings, the golden furniture – the ark, whim seat, table of

shew bread, altar of incense, and also the candlesticks – with all of their

vessels, the brazen altar and laver. Along with the clothing for

the clergymen and also the gorgeous special clothing for that High Priest. All

were introduced unto Moses who inspected it to make certain it had been all made

based on the pattern which God had given him. Being satisfied that

all is made correctly, Moses fortunate them.


instructed Moses the sanctuary ended up being to be setup on the very first day

from the first month from the second year after departing Egypt (Exodus 40:2,

17). Doing some maths we are able to conclude that regarding

the sanctuary required under nine several weeks – the command to construct it had been

succumbed the 3rd month and also the erection is at the very first month from the

second year, therefore 12 – 3 = 9. Considering the Israelites

were released slaves, residing in a desert, getting all of their food and

water provided by God, and they were building an exquisitely

beautiful building for God to live in, this isn’t a lot of

time to accomplish this type of task. Ellen White-colored informs us in

Patriarchs and Prophets, page 349, A time period of about six months was

7. how lengthy made it happen decide to try build the sanctuary? month from the

second yearoccupied in regarding the tabernacle.


it had become all built it needed to be put together and all sorts of

furnishings put into their proper place. God designed the sanctuary

that it might be easy to setup and brought apart so the Israelites

could move camp whenever God said excitedly to. Exodus 40:18-33 informs us how

the sanctuary was setup as well as in what order. It concludes with, So

Moses finished the job.


eager interest the multitudes of Israel crowded around to appear upon the

sacred structure. When they were contemplating the scene with reverent

satisfaction, the pillar of cloud sailed within the sanctuary and,

climbing down, surrounded it. ‘And the glory from the Lord filled the

tabernacle.’ There is a revealing from the divine magnificence, as well as for a

time even Moses couldn’t enter. With deep emotion the folks beheld

the token the work of the hands was recognized. There have been no loud

demonstrations of rejoicing. A solemn awe rested upon all. However the

gladness of the hearts welled in tears of pleasure, plus they murmured

low, serious words of gratitude that God had condescended to abide with

them. Patriarchs and Prophets by E. G. White-colored, page 349.

© S. D. Goeldner




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