Backwoods.internet – cranberry backwoods – general information

Backwoods.internet - cranberry backwoods - general information with elevations
The U . s . States Congress designated the Cranberry Backwoods (map) in 1983 also it presently has as many as 47,742 acres.

All this backwoods is situated in West Virginia and it is managed through the Forest Service.


Backwoods.internet - cranberry backwoods - general information inside the Black BearThe 47,815 acre Cranberry Backwoods is situated in Pocahontas and Webster Counties, West Virginia. Broad mountain tops are dissected by deep and narrow valleys with elevations varying from 2,400 ft to greater than 4,600 ft in Cranberry Backwoods, the biggest Forest Service Backwoods Area within the eastern U . s . States. Here around the Allegheny Plateau, the Backwoods provides the entire drainage from the Middle Fork from the Johnson River and also the North Fork from the Cranberry River. The Johnson River forms the northern Backwoods boundary, and also the South Fork from the Cranberry River marks the southwestern boundary. You will find mainly Appalachian hardwoods, but there’s also stands of red brighten in the greatest elevations. Cranberry Backwoods is contained inside the Black Bear Sanctuary. Black bears are abundant and share the Backwoods with white-colored-tailed deer, wild turkeys, grouse, rabbits, mink, bobcats, and foxes. Naturally acidic water limits the fish populations, and also the streams aren’t stocked. Frost can happen any month of the season. Precipitation (rain or snow) falls in the winter months, spring, and fall. Winter snow may block road access. Greater than 70 miles of maintained trails provide accessibility area. Trails follow both rivers. The Center Fork Trail runs for 9 miles, and also the North Fork Trail for 7.5 miles. There aren’t any trails maintained for horses with no bridges over streams. Be careful fording streams during high water.

Resourse: http://backwoods.internet/NWPS/

Backwoods.internet - cranberry backwoods - general information miles, and also the North

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