Knowledge of backwoods

Knowledge of backwoods father, children, grandchildren                                                      Of species

Coming back to a different reality

But there’s a brand new reality. After I found Zambia three decades ago the environment, soil, and rivers were clean. Now things are thrown with plastic, and pollution is everywhere. The encyclical Laudato Si’ should be a wake-up call for the whole world — that people must take care of and gain knowledge from the Earth. On your lawn is breaking of the bread with God, each other, and every one of creation. We can’t experience God with the exception of this home. When we really sense this "is holy ground" (Exodus 3:5) only then do we can treat one another with reverence. We are able to connect with all things in existence with a feeling of sacredness. We are able to really hear the center of God beating in everything. This really is surely God’s holy temple.

After I came back to Zambia after a lack of 13 years I had been startled with a painful sight in Kaoma, Western province. There was a period when dying would be a daily customer within our neighborhood thankfully people live healthier lives now. However nowadays there has been the funeral from the forests. Trucks and trucks —"coffins on wheels!"— of Rosewood logs along with other special trees are taken overseas. Other trees by means of bags of charcoal are loaded in trucks and mind for the capital. Who’ll be sad for that forest, speak for that trees — the "first temple of God?"

Funeral from the Forest
Four billion years
You switched and churned
Pregnant with existence
Existence by the bucket load.
You danced in good occasions and bad
In dark silence and brilliant light
Your sacred womb heaving with existence,
  existence of creatures
Large and small.
Every single day … every year                                                                            
You introduced forth the household of God.
Your earthlings
In question, in vibrant colours
Each a thing of God
Spoken just once.
Each a magazine of God etched with love.                                                
You saw these were a factor of beauty
Proclaiming the question from the Holy ONE                             
And Also You danced with delight!

Today …
You be sad for your kids
Easily wiped out before your vision
Eyes that never sleep.

Today …
You writhe
  naked, bruised, raped and plundered.
Heart damaged
Not once however a million occasions over.
Bleeding, crying, sobbing, dying
You watch with helpless hands
Funeral from the forests
Of creatures great and small.
You be sad alone
While you uphold the cold physiques                                                                                   
Of the beloved earthlings
mother, father, children, grandchildren                                                  
Of species, race, colour, creed with no creed.                      
Who’ll wipe your tears?
Who’ll comfort your heart?                                            
Who definitely are the modification?
Who’ll break the silence?
Who’ll bring healing?

Your faithful journey of four billion years
Lies shattered one of the stars
Each twinkle of the star
A tear for his or her friend in sorrow
Your heart beats with eternal love
Your heart echoes only empathy.

Personally i think you under my ft
Mother you possess us near to your heart
Mother people all
Household from the Holy One
May you rise again teeming with existence                                                              
Dancing one of the stars                                           
Bearing the kids from the Holy
Celebrating the question from the One
The Main One whose beloved we’re.                                           
You and also all of your earthlings!

O Light within all Existence
Rise within us. 

We have to pay attention to God’s heartbeat

Knowledge of backwoods first temple of God

There’s abundance inherited of God, in the middle of Mother Nature, abundance in her own body … why then perform some hoard while some struggle? Gandhi stated "the earth has enough for everyone’s need although not for everyone’s avarice."

We’ve been nourished and sustained for countless years through the body of Mother Nature. She’s our true Bank, the only real Bank where we are able to invest, where we are able to always withdraw for the need.

Urbanization is really a global crisis. Through polluted air we can not begin to see the light of God’s eyes within the twinkling stars. We have to learn to hear the phone call of Mother Nature, towards the Spirit in the middle of the backwoods, free ourselves from the forest of cement and noise within our metropolitan areas. We’re not living a sustainable existence. We have to get to our roots, towards the existence of the world. We cannot have peace within our world without peace with Earth.

Throughout his existence Jesus visits the backwoods to discern and pray, as did the mystics of cultures and belief traditions, to hear the heartbeat of God in creation, to hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth — the body of God.

[Teresita Abraham is really a Presentation Sister from India residing in rural Zambia. She’s enthusiastic about the brand new creation story and spirituality to be in breaking of the bread. Along with the neighborhood, she’s produced your garden of Oneness, a Sanctuary of Peace and Harmony where she lives and works.]

Knowledge of backwoods forest, speak for that trees

First Backwoods Knowledge 2017