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Sanctuary conservation - ventana backwoods habitats in Central California

Our Ventana Backwoods location is among the most original places on the planet with wonderful views of Condors and Eagles swooping within the Gulf Of Mexico. We schedule visits in line with the needs from the wildlife and therefore are careful to respect the Condors during nesting season until their youthful have fledged.

Furthermore, Andrew Molera Condition Park’s Discovery Center operates through the Ventana Wildlife Society. The invention center concentrates on the organization’s use the California condor, but additionally explores another wildlife in the region. Visit or have a tour and discover about Big Sur from local biologists and naturalists.

Look for dates and occasions the invention Center is open.

Planning & Prices

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and we’ll help you produce plans. Our prices only at that location varies from $5,100 to $6,000 based on if the placement is attended. The majority of the charges go straight to support Ventana Wildlife Society. There aren’t any ongoing costs. Our services include:

  • Ashes Placement Right: Your exclusive to a location next to a Condor release site with sweeping views from the Gulf Of Mexico recorded and discovered by Gps navigation. It covers all administrative services, for example legal documentation, permits and filing charges. When you buy a place, a Sanctuary archive account is going to be setup. The archive may be used to organize favorite photos, tales and recollections to see family and buddies online.

  • Conservation Placementâ„¢: Placements attended by family and buddies are restricted to three persons who’re escorted by a VWS and Sanctuary Steward. This special location is within remote backwoods your way and site requires a full day. Transportation and picnic lunch are supplied.


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to go over specifics. We can suggest accommodations along with other nearby sources.

About Ventana Wildlife Society

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Founded in 1977,

Ventana Wildlife Society

brought the best way to effective reintroduction from the

Novelty Helmet

and also the

California Condor

, two most legendary wild birds on the planet, to native habitats in Central California.

  • How Ventana Wildlife Society Got Began


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