Slavic wildlife and backwoods sanctuary

Fitzwilliam, Nh

Fee Possession Active ProjectRosalind and Fred Slavic

Rosalind and Fred Slavic had an long lasting passion for one another as well as for wild forests. In excess of half a century, the Slavics looked after 300 acres of lovely, old forest in southern Nh. Because they contacted the ends of the lives, Rosalind and Fred desired to make certain their land was protected in perpetuity. They requested the Northeast Backwoods Trust to assist them to keep a “Wildlife and Backwoods Sanctuary.” We’re thrilled to do this.

The Slavics intend to donate the land towards the Backwoods Trust to ensure that we are able to establish the Slavic Backwoods and Wildlife Sanctuary. Next to New Hampshire’s Rhododendron Condition Park, the protected area will give you long lasting benefits—beauty, quiet, solitude—to the folks of Nh and also the nation. We’re trying to raise over $100,000 with this project, including the price of the lengthy-term stewardship from the sanctuary. Enhancing the Slavics leave this living legacy is definitely an enormous privilege.

Situated in Fitzwilliam, NH, the home has streams, waterfalls, wetlands, beaver ponds, old stone walls, and delightful ledges with stunning views towards the east. Couple of live trees happen to be cut around the land because the Slavics required possession (basically only individuals required to obvious the actual footprints from the modest structures built around the property). Towering oaks, maples, beeches, yellow birches, hemlocks, and pines are abundant wherever one goes.

The home is bounded on two sides by Rhododendron Condition Park. Another side is adjoined by permanently conserved forestland. A gently used town road forms the 4th side from the largely rectangular parcel, along with a public hiking trail crosses the northwest corner from the property.

The Slavics resided simply about this land in the 1960s, when they created a effective publishing business in New You are able to City for that “good existence,” until 2013. Fred and Rosalind valued this area and resided there easily and individually until these were within their nineties. The Backwoods Trust has become working to guarantee the land is going to be constantly looked after in the way they want, and also to enhance the funds required to cover the expense of taking out the structures, restoring the website to natural conditions, and having to pay for that transaction and lengthy-term stewardship.

Please tell us if you’d like more details or want to lead for this project. Doing this will allow you to participate Rosalind and Fred Slavic for making this remarkable gift to wild nature and generations to come.

UPDATE: Fred Slavic died on October 6, 2013.  Read his obituary. Rosalind does well and residing in Keene, NH.




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