Sightseeing Map    
   function executeGeoCoding

var geocoder

var map

var infowindow = new google.maps.InfoWindow()

var bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds()

var contentStrings = new Array()

var marker = new Array()

var i = 1

function initializeMap()

map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map_canvas"),



/*for(var i = 1 i <= 10 && i <= i++)

//end for*/

//end function Initialize Map

function executeGeoCoding()







// if(i <= 10 && i <= )

if(i <= 10 && i <= ajaxrecordcount) //record count set in ajax


else if(document.getElementById("address1clear"+i).innerHTML != "" &&

document.getElementById("city"+i).innerHTML != " " &&

document.getElementById("state"+i).innerHTML != "" &&

document.getElementById("zip"+i).innerHTML != "")

, function(results, status)






Sightseeing end function Initialize Map    

// if(i <= 10 && i <= )

if(i <= 10 && i <= ajaxrecordcount) //record count set in ajax


//end if status


//end else if address isn’t null



//end else

// end function executeGeoCoding

function buildMarkerAttributes()

//$directionsLink = ",+Redding,+CA

if(document.getElementById("address1"+i).innerHTML != ""

&& document.getElementById("address1"+i).innerHTML != null

&& document.getElementById("address1"+i).innerHTML != ‘, ‘)


var contentString = ‘


Sightseeing end function executeGeoCoding    
   function buildMarkerAttributes

Rome Sightseeing Vlog April 2016


Steven Holt: Rome wasn't built in a day. And from the looks of that colosseum, they're way behind schedule.

Theme Park Worldwide: +Steven Holt Very good!

Steven Holt: Not everybody appreciates my stupid jokes at times. I got an odd look from the girl in McDonald's the other day when I said something daft. Life's too short to be serious all the time.

XxHype GamingxX: Great 3 vlogs from Rome keep it up shawn

Patrick Vracevic: Fabulous vlog. You should do more city vlogs! Maybe some more cities from England like Newcastle or Southampton!

TheFishTank Doc.: Rome has some great theming!!!.

Spear Chucker: lol

Anke Kohl: Absolutely loved this vlog, brought back so many memories from my trip to Rome almost 10 years ago. Thanks!

Freddie Bawden: Really interesting vlog about Rome, I would love to do this one day!

Finlay Webb: It's great now you travel around the world to various places for rides and not just rides. Have a good time.

boondoggle6: Hey Shawn, nice to see you in warmer climes and without losing your voice for a change. A really great vlog which is informative, intimate and witty. Your personal take on things is most endearing and it goes to produce an entertaining little film for all to enjoy. One of your best even if it doesn't contain a coaster, water ride or flat.

Stop Propaganda: +Theme Park Worldwide Fantastic VLOG Shawn, very intimate and beautiful to watch. It doesn’t always need to be about theme parks to be interesting. Keep up the great work!

Theme Park Worldwide: +Stop Propoganda Thank you!

cholden1973: I think it's good to take a break from all the thrill and stuff and explore the local area aswell.

Xyzlmnop: Love seeing this…so much history.

Bas: Thanks for this vlog! I am going to Rome from april 26th to may 1st with my school.

Sorcha Stephens: OMG I went to Rome in febuary and I was hoping that ThemeParkWorldwide would have a video of it to show everything about it and noe that I am home a few months I can relieve it again!!!!!!!

Force Vader: Great vid went Rome during Easter hope u found it fun ��

dinaatjuh: I love history. I wish I was with you that day, I could have told you (and the viewers) all I know!

Matt Creek: Rome looks a loverly city to visit. Your vlogs have definitely encouraged me to start visiting numerous places.