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City Sightseeing Dallas

Welcome to the web home of City Sightseeing Dallas Double Decker Charter Bus And Tours!  We’re San Antonio’s leading sightseeing travel company so we show thousands of visitors annually the gorgeous and historic structures and regions of Dallas.  We operate from 9:00am to five:30pm daily from your home base along Crockett Street around the southern fringe of the Alamo.  Just search for the enjoyment, vibrant red double decker buses and are available see us!  As we are saying within our social networking posts, #RideRedSA!

Where you can purchase tickets?

For your benefit we sell our tickets at a number of locations around Downtown Dallas.  The easiest spot to buy our tickets and attractions packages is appropriate here online!  To watch our tour passes and tour & attraction packages click this link!  We sell our tickets at our Dallas Customer Center location around the outdoors from the Menger Hotel across in the Alamo, and also at our location near the Guinness World Records Museum.  Many from the Downtown Dallas hotels also sell our tickets in their front desks.  

Tour/Attractions Packages

All costs are $3 per person less than our walk up rates.

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Exactly what does “Hop On, Hop Off” mean and just what will it cost to ride on the sightseeing tour?

“Hop On, Hop Off” means that you’re liberated to leave public transit and explore at the stops we have.  For instance if you’d like to go to the restaurants and shops at Market Square, just exit the double decker whenever we make it happen.  We normally have four to five buses operating simultaneously so when you’re done at Market Square just mind to our fall off area and watch for our next bus in the future and collect you.  It is the fact that convenient!  The online cost for the fundamental round-the-clock ticket is $31 per adult, $17 for kids ages 5-11, and $105 for any group of 2 adults and three children.

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Dropping off passengers at our San Antonio Visitor Center location on the outside of the Menger Hotel.

Our Dallas Customer Center location around the outdoors from the Menger Hotel


Sightseeing Lahore Bus Tour


vijay kumar: Lahore it's really beautiful city..why we are hate each other while everything are the same which I seen here.. please live happily. jai hind.

hamid khan:

Pamm Gill: Love Lahore. ..Love u Pakistan Punjab from Indian Punjab. .

Hunny Chandia: Pamm Gill love u to bro

satish dharne: syeddaadshah syedय बयपम ििििुुुुुुीजजडडडdaad

ravi kumar: I m from India and liked this video very much. there is saying about Lahore' jisane Lahore nahin baikhya wo jamaya hi nahin'. we have common ancestors, culture,history and language but unfortunately religions are different. if both the countries want to progress then we must have good friendly relationship. hopefully ona day we will have. ok thanks and love from India

ravi kumar: Hakim ul Aarifeen !!! thanks brother. keep up good work

shri rama Kumar: ravi kumar: you are right brother. both India and Pakistan share common religion;culture and ancestory. both the nation's should work together for peace and development.

kashmir liberator: so beautiful heart of pakistaan lots of love from indian occupied kashmir

123 hi: love kashmir from pakistan

Anil Chauhan: pls. don't forget 1971.

Kuldeep Singh: Beautifull city .. Lahore.. �� love and respect from India ��

Ch Qasim Hussain: Kuldeep Singh love from Pakistan

Bilal Rabbani: Kuldeep Singh to bhai if u are singh I mean sikh hu tu kb a rhy hu Nankana Sahab vesay bhi bhoot izat krta hay sikh mehmano ki ju hr sal nankana sahb aaty hyn

Abhijeet Joshi: wow, what a nice city ! I am an Indian, but I would love to visit. Love from your Indian brother.

Ch Qasim Hussain: Abhijeet Joshi Insha Allah veere

Raja Faraz: Abhijeet Joshi love you too bro

Ik global: Pakistan is the green country in the world �� love and affection from India

Abrar Baloch: Modi chai wala Daal wala army aapne abhi quetta nhi dekha love yr love u ���� ������������������ Pakistan

Kashmiri: +Abrar baloch Ap ne abhi Kashmir nai dekha, pahaar, sarsabz wadiya, khubsurat log, behtareen nazaray, I'm from Azad Kashmir. :)