9 the best places to watch the sunset in sea city

9 the best places to watch the sunset in sea city coupled with confetti

Known as “hidden treasure,” Northside Park has something to offer. From popular occasions for example “Sundaes within the Park” to baseball and soccer fields, a playground as well as an outside gym, the 58-acre area is ideal for fishing, exercising, and walking your canine friend. Go for a walk on the pier at sundown to determine the Assawoman Bay skyline illuminated orange and red.

Sunset Park, S Division St.

Beginning This summer 6, every Thursday with the finish of August known as “party night” at Sunset Park. A totally free concert from 7-9pm, as well as an ideal location searching out in the Isle of Wight Bay– Also would you request? Catch Mister Fishing rod, Full Circle, and many more this summer time! For that full listing of performances visit ococean.com.

BJ’s around the Water, 75th St.

Having a recently renovated bayfront diner, you’ll find yourself mesmerized through the atmosphere regardless if you are sitting down inside or outdoors. BJ’s provides a attractive look at the bay, ideal for watching the sunset while completing your meals.

Mackys, 53rd St.

One of several town favorites, Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill has outside seating around the bay, developing a beautiful atmosphere comprised of sand, palms and swimming access in areas of water. Regardless if you are searching for any wild Friday night or perhaps a calm, relaxing Wednesday mid-day, take a look at Macky’s sunset at least one time when you are around.

Fager’s Island, 56th St.

An “Award-winning and popular destination,” Fager’s is known for its sunsets. Because the sun meets the horizon, Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture is coupled with confetti along with a toast with affordable champagne can be obtained every evening. Even when classical music isn’t for you personally, read this well-known location to see what all the talk is all about. From pub fare to fine dining, Fager’s has something for everybody.

Fenwick Inn, 138th St.

OC360 Eats and Drinks is on the rooftop of Fenwick Inn. With home windows welcoming the altering colors from the sky at sundown, center offers ideal views from the Atlantic along with a unique perspective within the town. Priding themselves because the only rooftop restaurant in Sea City–and yes, it’s in Sea City despite the specific hotel–they provide a private dining area, full-service catering, and dinner get-togethers in addition to a simple evening out for supper, drinks along with a view.

Fish Tales, 21st St.

9 the best places to watch the sunset in sea city With home windows

Dig your ft within the sand underneath your table, order some drinks, and relish the view. Having a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere, Fish Tales overlooks the bay on 21st St., situated in Bahia Marina. So whether you need to watch the marina generate tuna, mahi mahi along with other catches during the day, sit lower and revel in some fish tacos, or keep attempting to conquer that hook and ring toss, Fish Tales has everything.

Seacrets, 49th St.

You cannot fail with Happy Hour specials Monday-Friday from 4-7pm. At Seacrets, you’ll discover the ideal place in Sea City to look at the sun’s rays disappear underneath the skyline. Palms, performance stages, dining within the water, along with a completely new Distillery are only a couple of of the numerous perks which make Seacrets the preferred place to go for both locals and visitors that it is today.

Judith M Sunset Cruise

Selling tickets for $23, each including one free child, and extra children at $9 each, the Judith M leaves the pier at 7:30 daily, coming back by 9pm. Catch an ideal look at the sun’s rays going lower, a colourful horizon around the sea, dolphins within the water and wild ponies around the tip of Assateague Island while hearing an interesting, entertaining narration by Captain Seth. To buy your tickets, visit Bahia Marina on 21st St. or call 410-289-7438. Find out more here online! 

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