How do i visit a eco-friendly flash?

Green flash atop sun pyramid via Colin Legg

Eco-friendly flash atop sun pyramid via Colin Legg

How will you visit a eco-friendly flash? Here’s all that’s necessary:

  • A obvious day without any haze or cloud coming.
  • A remote horizon – along with a distinct edge towards the horizon. You can observe the eco-friendly flash from the mountaintop or high building. But it’s most frequently seen within the sea, by individuals on beaches or perhaps in motorboats.

Important tip: Don’t consider the sun until it’s nearly entirely underneath the horizon. Should you choose, you’ll dazzle (or damage) your vision and ruin your eco-friendly flash chances for your day.

Since you should know wherever to appear across the horizon, and also, since the majority of us aren’t up before beginning, eco-friendly flashes are most frequently seen after sunset. But diligent observers can easily see them before beginning, too. And, although they’re most frequently seen within the sea, you can observe eco-friendly flashes over land, too, in case your horizon is way enough away.

What’s the eco-friendly ray? The flash is the same as a flame that shoots over the horizon. For the reason that situation, it’s known as a eco-friendly ray. I have seen plenty of eco-friendly flashes, but no eco-friendly ray, although I had been once walking a seaside in Mexico and switched away just like my companion saw one. I didn’t find any photos of flamelike eco-friendly sun rays (knowing of 1, tell me), however the photo below suggests the beginnings of the ray.