Places to determine amazing smoky mountain tops sunset & sunrise

Best Places to See the Amazing Smoky Mountains Sunset and Sunrise

There’s nothing that can compare with the good thing about a sunrise or sunset, and this is also true from the Smoky Mountain tops area. Even though the mountain tops can frequently block the attractive red and orange hues of daybreak and dusk, there are lots of locations where supply the perfect standpoint to have an excellent look at these occasions. A few of these locations are simple to reach. All that you should do is park your vehicle, relax, and revel in. Other medication is much more of challenging with steep trails, but you’ll be rewarded for the effort. The next information can help you discover that perfect location where one can benefit from the amazing Smoky Mountain tops sunset and sunrise.


Morton Overlook

This is among the Smoky Mountains’ most widely used places to see the sunset. Came from here you are able to directly begin to see the sundown, and also at certain occasions of the year, the sun’s rays will really align itself between your peaks as the story goes lower. Morton Overlook is simple to find. It’s a small pullout from Route 441. It will likely be around the right hands side while you originate from Gatlinburg. Intend to arrive here a minumum of one hour in advance, especially on weekends or throughout the peak tourist seasons. Parking spots and prime viewing locations fill rapidly.

Clingman’s Dome

This is actually the greatest point based in the Great Smoky Mountain tops Park. This will make it a great place for viewing both sunrise and sunset. You will have to consume a half mile paved trail after you have parked. This leads you to definitely the observation tower. The path is steep, but you’ll be rewarded by having an amazing look at the Smoky Mountain tops sunset. Sunrise is seen in the east facing parking area without having to walk to the tower.

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Clingmans Dome Sunrise Great Smoky Mountains


RBM Videos: I took the easy way up, in the van. LOL! I enjoy hiking, but this one would have been too much for me. Incredible view on top of the world. Thanks for commenting and the thumbs up!

Glenda Hernandez: that was a beast of a climb up, remember huffing & puffing all the way but It was worth every breath!