The best places to watch the sunset in phoenix

One factor that follows you in Phoenix may be the unavoidable brilliance from the sunset. Whether you’re eating out in a five-star restaurant in the evening or just experiencing the natural desert terrain, the Phoenix desert is acclaimed because of its breathtaking and colorful sunsets from the and each standpoint.

Photo by Flickr user rscottjones

Four Seasons Scottsdale

Unwind in the finish during the day with buddies around the large patio with comfortable seating go about 1,000 ft greater in elevation than downtown Phoenix, in which the views from the city and Pinnacle Peak are exquisite.

10600 E Crescent Moon Dr., Scottsdale


Compass Arizona Grill in the Hyatt Regency

Snag a table through the window and revel in a all over look at the sunset within the mountain tops as well as an endless ocean of city lights over dinner at Phoenix’s only revolving rooftop restaurant.

122 N Second St, Phoenix  85004


Lon’s in the Hermosa Inn

The atmosphere is exquisite, especially located on the charming patio to look at the sunset among the mountain tops and desert surroundings. It’s a real Southwestern experience.

5532 North Palo Cristi, Paradise Valley


Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden

Benefit from the setting sunlight because it reflects from the clay red rocks of Papago park, while you’re consuming the superbly designed acres of desert landscaping and wildlife.

1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix  85008

South Mountain

Mind as much as Dobbins Point at dusk and watch planes departing and coming at Sky Harbor towards the east, because the city lights over Valley neighborhoods illuminate in the western world below.

10919 S. Central Ave., Phoenix


Hayden Butte Preserve

Also referred to as “A” Mountain, this central Tempe location lends an attractive sunset view rippling over Tempe Town Lake. It’ll certainly result in the glute-burning walk in the butte worthwhile.

Fifth Street and Mill Avenue, Tempe

Where’s your preferred spot to catch the attractive Phoenix sunset?


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