The best places to watch the sunset in squamish

Sunsets are among the great pleasures in life which is always well worth the effort to obtain outdoors and find out them as frequently as possible. In Squamish, there’s a couple of great spots to look at the sun’s rays go lower, in the sea towards the summits from the local peaks along with a couple of spots among. Listed here are our favourites. 

Nexen Beach

There’s nothing much better than watching a sunset around the sea. The best waterfront place to look at one out of Squamish is Nexen Beach. Only a short walk from downtown, Nexen Beach is definitely an awesome spot to wind lower your day. When sunset, the glow from the Chief, Garibaldi and Shannon Falls is spectacular. 



Nexen BeachThe optimum time of day, particularly when you are around the sea.
Photo – D’Arcy McLeish



The Summit from the Chief

This certainly requires a bit more oompf to obtain up and perhaps a headlamp to obtain lower, but when you’re fit, technically savvy and comfy within the mountain tops, watching the sunset in the summit from the Chief is breathtaking then one you’ll remember forever. 

The Summit Lodge in the Ocean To Sky Gondola

Wine, food, and even perhaps some live music sounds good doesn’t it. Additionally decking with the best views throughout BC and you’re in paradise. The sunsets in the Summit Lodge towards the top of the Ocean to Sky Gondola should not be missed. In the Sky Pilot Massif towards the Chief, Garibaldi, the Tantalus Range and Howe Seem, the views in the summit from the gondola are perfect making for among the best places to finish your entire day watching the sun’s rays disappear behind the mountain tops. 



Sunset at Nexen Beach
Photo – D’Arcy McLeish



Porteau Cove

There’s nothing beats camping around the sea. Better still is renting among the cabins around the shores of Howe Seem in Porteau Cove Provincial Park. In either case, the sunsets listed here are beautiful, making for among the best places to look at the night glow from the sun around the waters from the Seem. 

Lookouts in Murrin Park

Across the Murrin Park Loop Trail in Murrin Provincial Park, there’s a two lookouts with small benches that provide breathtaking views of Howe Seem. The Sunset views here breathtaking. The mountain tops and also the sea come alight with this perfect evening light. Bring a thermos of the tea and a few snacks and relish the finish of the day.



Chief SunsetStorm clouds behind Garibaldi illuminated in the evening in the Ocean to Sky Gondola
Photo – D’Arcy McLeish



Elfin Ponds

Located 11km into Garibaldi Park with an all downhill ridge, Elfin Ponds is among the the best places to camp in Southern BC. But make it happen early on to look at the sun’s rays go lower. The alpenglow around the surrounding peaks and glaciers leaves you attempting to stay a create recollections for life. 

That time once the sun begins to go lower is magical. Everything is a touch crisper and a bit more beautiful. Sunsets are a good indication of why we live within the most breathtaking places on the planet. 



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