Top Ten places to see the sunset in sabah

1. Kudat

Hibiscus Beach Retreat

Hibiscus Beach Retreat at the Tip of Borneo is one of the best places to view the sunset in Sabah

Hidden within the dense seaside jungle is definitely an amazing chalet and probably the most relaxing places I discovered in Sabah. Referred to as Hibiscus Beach Retreat, that one chalet is stop in the world. A porter can come by two times each day to evaluate you and also bring your food order, but apart from that it is only you, the jungle and also the water — there’s no cell service of wireless here! Good way for any digital detox 😉

2. Sabah Tea Resort


The Sabah Tea Resort is one of the top places to view the sunset in Sabah

Sunsets within the water are good, however a sunset over Kinabalu, Borneo’s legendary mountain, is a you won’t ever forget. The Sabah Tea Resort is really a sprawling tea plantation nestled inside a 130 million years old rainforest towards the top of the mountain. Come here throughout the day and discover how teas are made, or choose to stay overnight to be able to enjoy both sunset and also the sunrise.

3. The Waterfront

Kota Kinabalu

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Perhaps a good option to look at the sunset in Kota Kinabalu may be the famous (and aptly named) Sunset Bar. With no, that isn”t my dainty hands holding your wine glass — photos compliments of Charlene (I’m Cha Cha) since i was too busy filming the sunset to consider any photos (oops!)
Note: Sunset Bar is available to the general public but if you’re not a guest of Shangri-la there’s a RM25 cover charge — but take it easy, it arrives with a totally free drink 😉

5. Laban Rata

Mount Kinabalu

Watching the sunset from Laban Rata, the halfway point when climbing Mount Kinabalu, is a view you will never forget

Watching the sunset from Laban Rata, the midway point when climbing Mount Kinabalu, is really a view you won’t ever forget. Photo via Leandra Fallis.


Sabah's Beautiful Sunset places