Watch the sunset in myanmar

Proceed Senior Tour Consultant Jamie found a lot to like on her behalf newest Proceed tour, Myanmar: A Cultural Get a hearty Burma. As the warmth of the nation might be felt in from the type smiles from the locals towards the breeze from the balmy air, there is one factor that really required her breath away: the sunsets. Here, she shares her stunning photos from the awe-inspiring adventure, and informs you concerning the best spots to look at the sunset in Myanmar. 

View from the river boat in Bagan

I’d the pleasure of obtaining Myanmar on my small third Proceed tour. It was my very first time traveling to Asia and also the country didn’t dissatisfy! I felt, in lots of ways, as though I’d gone back in its history to some simpler method of existence I hadn’t been anywhere enjoy it. It had been in Myanmar which i met a few of the warmest, kindest people imaginable. Not just were the locals wonderful, but so were the landscapes—I saw a lot of amazing sunsets. Listed here are two places to choose views that are particularly spectacular.

Sunset vistas in the U Bein Bridge

I saw probably the most beautiful sunsets in the entire tour at the U Bein Bridge near Mandalay, that is regarded as a long and earliest teak bridge on the planet. The sunset was absolutely stunning and also the place am alive! There have been people in motorboats, people strolling along the bridge, and individuals selling trinkets and food. It’s no question this legendary site attracts a lot of visitors and locals.

Searching from the Shwesandaw Pagoda

I admired another memorable sunset from the Shwesandaw Pagoda in Bagan. My fellow group people and that i rose the numerous steps towards the top for an amazing look at the valley before us, that was scattered with other temples and pagodas. The sunset produced an ideal mountain silhouette, and every photograph was better compared to last since the natural colors got more and much more vivid. But, it was certainly one of individuals moments where pictures didn’t get it done justice—I needed to help remind myself to create your camera aside and merely experience it all!

The panorama from Mandalay Hill 

Where have you ever seen spectacular sunsets on your travels? Inform us within the comments below!


Myanmar Bagan Shwesandaw Temple Sunset Ennio 2013


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