14 surprising details concerning the gulf

1. Covering about 600,000 square miles, the Gulf may be the ninth largest lake on the planet.

2. Encircled through the U . s . States, Mexico, and Cubas, the Gulf only has a narrow link with the Atlantic, which makes it a partly landlocked basin.

3. Except for one very deep trough, the Gulf has ended the continental shelves of The United States, making it—compared with other areas of the ocean—relatively shallow.

4. The Gulf has roughly 3,540 miles of shoreline, in the tip from the Yucatan towards the tip of Florida … no that’s Lots of amazing beaches to savor!

Plenty of Bio-diversity … ummm, which means Lots of unique Creatures & Plants

5. Habitats would be the places where plants and creatures live. Across the gulf coast you’ll find an array of habitats from deep sea, to wetlands (5 MILLION acres to become exact), to submerged plant life. What this means is there are many places to reside!

6. 29 different marine mammals call the Gulf home. Sperm whales, humpback whales, manatee and bottlenose dolphin (the most popular) search, sleep, and pee (gross) within the Gulf.

7. 5 types of endangered ocean turtles hands in tropical water. Eco-friendly ocean turtles, Loggerhead ocean turtles, and Leatherback ocean turtles are frequently seen swimming from the coast of Panama City Beach as well as arrived at shore to relax or lay eggs.

8. Up to 49 shark species go swimming within the waters from the Gulf-not every one of them harmful. The astonishing whale shark is really a shark that really is really a vegetarian is among the endangered creatures presently being protected.

9. Sargassum seaweed floats in large masses on the top of Gulf, creating a perfect spot to hide for sea creatures like turtles, ocean horses as well as other fish.

10. Additionally towards the traditional seaside wild birds usual for tropical areas, like gulls, hawks and plovers, many migratory land wild birds also fly within the Gulf.

Natural and Man-Made Barrier Reefs

11. Barrier reefs grow under very specific depths, temperatures and nutrient wealthy waters. Since the coast of Florida has got the perfect conditions, nearly 60% of reefs found in the US are from the coast of Florida.

12. Panama City Beach is called the “Shipwreck Capital from the South” since it has a lot of sunken ships off its coast-perfect for men-made barrier reef.

13. Barrier reef environments in Florida support greater than 6,000 types of marine microorganisms including 520 striper, 128 various kinds of seastars, sand dollars, 55 types of soft and 63 types of stony corals, ocean urchins and ocean cucumbers. Whew, that’s several things to determine!

14. Sportfishing rocks ! from the coast of Panama City Beach because of the large number of reefs where fish have a tendency to congregate.

The good thing from the Gulf

Obviously we believe Panama City Beach has got the lovliest shoreline from the Gulf. (But we can be a little bias.) And among the greatest concentrations of bottlenose dolphin on the planet, the shallow waters from the beaches of Covering Island provide you with an chance to savor the emerald eco-friendly water and find out a few of the occupants from the Gulf close up and private. Let DOLPHIN EXPRESS become your tour help guide to the astonishing Gulf, the Panama City Beach shoreline and the field of the bottlenose dolphin. Call us, visit Lighthouse Marina or use our convenient online feature to reserve your Panama City Beach dolphin tour today!

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Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle – Full Documentary


SgtPot: Send in a shitload of drones with live cameras and see what happens

Lilia as Fun: Yeh but what happeneds if all the cameras break?

Bubba bitty: Gabriel Villa then they can build a floating city

Ismail Muhammad: this kind of stuff always intrigues me

Generic Username: Ismail Muhammad It's because people want to make up excuses, but this is real. Who knows what it is, maybe it is cursed? Even then, there could be scientific explanation.

Bubba bitty: Generic Username it's to do with the magnetic force that occur in that area

Generic Username: The illuminati is a triangle, you know what also is a triangle? The Bermuda Triangle.

ryublueblanka: you know what else is a triangle? the triforce in Zelda.

Selina Schaal: Generic Username Do you know what else is related to triangles? Maths!

King – Gameplays, Tutorials and More: i heard some rumors that they said there was one monster in US. they called it Donald Trump. sub if agree

Wolfgang M: King – Gameplays, Tutorials and More I wish he would get lost in the Bermuda lol

Franz Joseph Did Nothing Wrong: hang yourself ;)

Gibber Jabber: 3:52 "beautiful B*tches"

Game Hunter: man lol

Accidental Headclunkers: Gibber Jabber thank you. Saved me 3 minutes of life.

Nitin Kumar: Aliens don't like to be disturbed! Stop bugging aliens, stop going to Burmuda Triangle!

michael jackson: there a 2 bermuda triangle 1 in the pafic oenca 1 below japan named dragon sea

Mya Kowalski: Nitin Kumar a

Ominous: This is my theory. Around the earth is a electric magnetic field, protecting us from solar winds and radiation. Well in the Bermuda Triangle there is a point in which the field is strongest, i call it The EMF Triangle. A triangular area were the point of the electric magnetic field is strongest. Sence it is magnetic, it can mess with metal objects, so if you go in a area which a burst of EMP2 (Electric Magnetic Particles.) (2 because the name EMP already exist.) is really strong, then it can take down your ship or plane, it can steer a ship to the side to fast causing it to flip and sink, pulling planes into the water or messing with the engine or controls of the plane, causing a crash, and messing with clocks, compasses, and gauges, causing you to get lost. \nAlso today is my birthday so can i get 20 subs for my birthday? Thanks! :>

TheUltimate EnderLord: Alvin X. Yang I'll answer that. Scientists have discovered hexagonal shaped clouds in the air. Then those clouds burst with an enormous wind blowing down onto the ocean which creates massive waves holes in the water. And other things.