Gulf — houston backwoods

Gulf — houston backwoods sediment from rivers

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THE Gulf

1) Beaches from the upper Texas coast are a combination of

sand and silt, between sand dunes and connected wetlands around the landward

side and water on the other hand.

2) Typically the most popular beaches are Bolivar Peninsula, Galveston

Island, Surfside and Matagorda.

3) The Gulf is really a vast ecosystem, supporting marine

mammals, deepwater fishes, whales, dolphins, sharks and countless smaller sized

fish which they feed.

4) Because the ocean level rose using the retreat from the glaciers,

barrier islands and sandbars were created as sediment from rivers and sand were

deposited where water and land met.

5) Longshore drift, a present system that moves in the

upper coast to Padre Island, helped create among the world’s best birdwatching

places: the Bolivar Flats.

6) It’s possible to see hundreds – otherwise thousands – of wild birds during

just one outing towards the Bolivar Flats.

7) The Gulf may be the ninth-largest lake on the planet

with a few 3,400 miles of shoreline and covering 940,000 square miles.

8) Over 1.7 billion pounds of seafood are introduced

ashore within the five states bordering the Gulf.

9) Biologists have counted over 300 striper from the

Gulf — houston backwoods is reallyTexas shore.

10) Barrier reefs, like individuals within the Carribbean ocean, could be

based in the Gulf. The Flower Garden, a place encompassing the East Flower

Garden Bank, free airline Flower Garden Bank and also the Stetson Bank, are barrier reefs

that increased atop salt domes underneath the water’s surface. What they are called originate from

mariners who, upon seeing the underwater formations, thought they appeared as if

beautiful gardens.

Gulf — houston backwoods from the glaciers,




txflyguy007: I'm from the metro area but we go to Galveston twice a year for 12 to 14 day's it's​ our home away from home we love East Beach where the condo is cool videos thanks for the post

Chris RoadWarrior: More Galveston videos in this playlist:\n\nHappy Easter & Passover and God Bless.

txflyguy007: Thank you, you have a good holiday weekend also ��

Michael P.: Is this video at regular speed or are they drive like they are on the autobahn?

Chris RoadWarrior: That's how time lapse driving video looks like:\n\nI'm not a big fan of time laps driving videos that's why when I'm doing it I call it Time Lapse.I-10 from east of El Paso to before San Antonio is 80 mph, same for I-20, and no TX State Trooper is gonna pull you over for doing 90 mph.\nBut you burn a lot of gas for going so fast, right?\nPretty soon Alberta Oil finally starting to flow freely to Texas Refineries, thank you Pres. Trump, in this 2011 video I guess I predicted this moment, apparently I was some 6 year off:\n\nLove Texas.

Michael P.: The environmentalists will still fight the Keystone pipeline on the local level. I have suspected that they are in the service of foregn oil producers. The Keystone is bad news for Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia ect.

Craig CHayes aka Six: I love Houston Texas

Craig CHayes aka Six: That's one hot roadway

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