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Alaska is famous because of its legendary wildlife—whales, bears, and eagles. You’re sure to discover their whereabouts, but you’ll also uncover a lot more. Strange and delightful underwater creatures. Pods of orca and enormous categories of Steller ocean lions. Bald eagles soaring and puffins swimming. Rough-skinned newts and carnivorous plants. Uncover forests and seas filled with existence.

Wealthiest whale experience possible
Our intimate 62-guest expedition ships are small , nimble, perfectly sized to let us navigate the wildlife wealthy channels and linger within the small bays where whales arrived at feed. Your naturalists will deploy a hydrophone to eavesdrop around the sounds of whale vocalizations, and researchers in the Alaska Whale Foundation can come aboard eventually to talk about probably the most up-to-date findings on humpback whale behavior. With 30+ experience in the area, we all know what to do for close up encounters with humpback whales.

Alaska’s wild underwater
See algae forests with giant Off-shore octopuses, underwater ranges capped in white-colored anemones, an exciting underwater existence in reds, purples, and yellows—all straight from the ship’s lounge. You will see places nothing you’ve seen prior viewed by human eyes as the underwater specialist dives underneath the ocean to shoot video and share the wildlife and wonders of the world.

World’s largest black bears and much more
Haida Gwaii, which we visit on the Outstanding Journey to Alaska, Bc and Haida Gwaii itinerary is the ‘Canadian Galapagos’ because of its endemic plants, land mammals and types of wild birds, such as the world’s largest black bears, plus other intriguing creatures: deer mouse, shrew, river otter, ermine (weasel), pine marten, Northern Saw-whet Owl, Steller’s jay and hairy woodpecker.


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