Baja sea wildlife expedition — see turtles

Baja sea wildlife expedition — see turtles ll take small motorboats


Fly into La Paz or Cabo San Lucas (taxi available for an additional cost) and meet in the hotel in La Paz. Meet your best guide to have an orientation and dinner once you arrive. Overnight at Hotel Catedral, an attractive new hotel (3 nights). (D)


Whale sharks would be the true “gentle giants” from the oceans. The biggest fish in the world, these gentle monsters return yearly towards the coast near La Paz. Join whale shark researchers within their efforts to understand more about these magnificent creatures and support their protection. You will have several possibilities to snorkel using these incredible (although not aggressive) creatures. After, we’ll mind to Espiritu Santo Island to snorkel with ocean lions after which relax at nearby Balandra Beach, named "Mexico’s most breathtaking beach" for any picnic lunch and snorkel. Dinner is going to be by yourself to go to certainly one of La Paz’s many fine restaurants. (B, L)


Our guide will pick us up in the hotel after breakfast to mind over the peninsula towards the Off-shore (in regards to a 3 hour drive). Arrive to beautiful Magdalena Bay and mind by boat to some secluded location in which you will camp for the following three nights. If weather enables, search for grey whales in order to the camp ground. Once moved in, a nearby expert will give you a camp orientation, adopted by happy hour along with a scrumptious dinner after sunset. (B, L, D)

DAY 4 – Eco-friendly TURTLE RESEARCH

Today after breakfast, you’ll help set nets utilized in efforts to review the black turtles, a sub-types of eco-friendly turtles. When a turtle is located, it’s introduced ashore to review, including using the width and length, weighing, tagging, along with other data collection. Once complete, the turtle is released into the water. We’ll bring an open-air picnic lunch and a few shade and spend the majority of the day dealing with the turtles. Later on, you can mind in a kayak look around the Bay. After dinner, your best guide may lead a star looking lesson or create a fire you will not frequently look for a better place! (B, L, D)


Mind out early to look for grey whales. We’ll take small motorboats referred to as pangas which will take us out in to the funnel. Friendly whales frequently approach the motorboats, and also the moms are recognized to push the youthful calves closer, that make to have an incredible interaction between two species. We’ll have a picnic lunch on the secluded barrier island before heading out to determine whales. After lunch on the nearby island, we’ll mind out for any second round of whale watching after which mind to the camp ground. (B, L, D)


Today we explore the special moment from the greater Magdalena Bay complex, its vast, moving sand dunes and winding mangrove canals teeming with birdlife. After lunch, we mind to La Paz and also the group is by itself to understand more about town and also have dinner by yourself. (B, L)


Today is a dry day, going to the artist community of Todos Santos (1.5 hour drive). Explore a brief history of the town having a walking tour after which go to a turtle conservation project hatchery to find out if they’ve any hatchlings ready for release. If time enables, have a hike to some nearby pond to consider wild birds along with other wildlife. Tonight the audience have a final celebratory dinner together. (B, L, D)


Mind towards the airport terminal for the flight home in order to explore other areas of the incredible region. If you are flying from Cabo, make sure to schedule your flight after 2 pm. (B)


Baby Sea Turtles: The Hardest Animals to Film? – Ep. 9 | Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade


MR X: You know what makes me sad? \nThat this is a dead YouTube Channel with over a million subs.\nHow. Tell. Me. How.

Filipe DeAndrade: Thank you Adam that means a lot. And I completely agree, there does need to be more of an action focused initiative. I think getting people to care is the first step.

Adam Ziorio: Keep going man, you're doing a great thing.

chandan sarkar: Why the fk he's screaming???

Kenneth McCarty: thats like his thing

Filipe DeAndrade: Excitement overload. 7 days waiting for one of the most prolific moments in my life. I highly recommend it. Thanks for watching Chandan.

BoxySama: ��\nas soon as I was greeted by your house I was just appointed because I thought this was one of coyote videos

BoxySama: disappointed*

Filipe DeAndrade: We have an episode on coyotes…check it out.

Thunderous Cat: dont copy brave wilderness

Thunderous Cat: kappa

Nina Rose Dwyer: Another great video guys! Filipe, you are so fun to watch! Your excitement is contagious! <3 your :)

Filipe DeAndrade: Nina you are the thanks a million.

Megha Anand: turtles are best ….�� I just love my red ear slider

John Vincent: 3:31 is that a french fry? Were you eating fast food on the job? Not a good look, man. You need to stay healthy on the job, all that fast food is gonna make it hard to run to the places you need to be! But eh, I reckon you'll say that's what Florence is for.

Filipe DeAndrade: HAhaha I had to investigate that, it does look like a crinkly fry. But no its not a french fry it was half of a shell and I definitely don't eat fast food. Just wrapped up my 1st month as a vegetarian though and I'm hoping I can last many more. Thanks for the inspiration.

Vickie Rosker: Awesome!!! Great perseverance ������������

miles cepeda: "Get the F-out of here turtles"���� I love these series. I'm glad I came across this on Ig

Filipe DeAndrade: Hahaha that ole ancient Brasilian traditional hatch call doesn't work does it.

Brianna Casey: this was SO cool to watch!! my mom LOVES sea turtles and in definitely going to show this to her!! ������