Florida wildlife corridor expedition treks from orlando to alabama. – orlando sentinel

Florida wildlife corridor expedition treks from orlando to alabama. - orlando sentinel For Dimmitt

For everyone who enjoys the outside, the expedition may appear wonderful of immersion in the very best of natural Florida. It’s, however the pace is demanding.

"Now, we have already biked, paddled and hiked," stated bear biologist Joe Guthrie, 35, earlier this year prior to the trio rode north in the Hernando County village of Nobleton 50 miles west of Orlando. "It is the switching that can take time."

"Now,Inch added Ward, who’s 39, "we’re cycling 27 miles after which we will put our wetsuits on and go explore the springs at Chassahowitzka after which we will enter into our kayaks and paddle to some stilt house in the Chassahowitzka marsh."

Spreadsheets detail where they’ll be and who they’ll meet. Their adventure narrative must maintain momentum.

"The 70 days goes by rapidly but everything which goes in it requires a lengthy time," stated Dimmitt, 38, executive director of Florida Wildlife Corridor. "We have been focusing on this for any year . 5 to 2 years."

Their trip comes from the "Glades to Gulf." It started mid-The month of january in Polk County at Lake Hatchineha, one of several Orlando ponds that drain towards the Kissimmee River included in the greater Everglades ecosystem.

They embarked into Central Florida’s Eco-friendly Swamp. In the future, they’ll mix marsh hugging Florida’s elbow, or Big Bend region, and zigzag across the Gulf of Mexico’s Nature Coast, Forgotten Coast and Emerald Coast towards the far western Panhandle and briefly into Alabama.

On the way, they’ll consume 11 rivers, bear country, commercial timberland, national forest, military-owned backwoods and 400 miles of paddling.

The 3 are enthused but mildly spoken, deferring frequently to one another. Their spotlight is on Florida, not themselves, though they’ve preferences.

"I really like swamps," Guthrie stated, but following a couple of days in to the expedition he found "I favor hiking."

For Dimmitt: "Kayaking and hiking are my personal favorite without a doubt, however the bikes get us to places where we are able to take more time.Inch

And Ward: "I really like anything related to the Gulf and I am really looking forward to paddling the salt marshes."

The website – floridawildlifecorridor.org – links for their progress on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and much more.

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Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition


Buck Sellers: Uh huh….I know you're gonna catch my bony little white ass hiking through the everglades….In just the last couple of years alone I have read about or heard on the news of Nile Crocodile's (like mama alligator  wasn't enough)…… King Cobra's….Black Mamba's…..just to name a few hanging out in the everglades of Fla.  ….that's not all I've read about….  but just a select few of the killers from all over the world  that lurk there.   ……   Isn't that enough?…..Is for me ….I kinda like staying alive….If you don't go right ahead….Put yourself in the way of these creatures that can and are very willing and likely to kill you in an instant if you invade THIER space……No thanks….I like my space right here on the couch….. reading about you nuts in the news paper….Good luck out there….lol…

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John Huffman: Hello, my name is John Huffman I am excited to see the conservation in Florida is an actual priority. I am currently living in Washington and moving back to the Orlando area. I am a two year environmental student, this video makes me have joy, I have thought that in Florida there is little conservation effort in comparison to Washington. this makes me excited to move back to Florida my home state (born and raised).

karl chebator: Love Clydes work. I have spent weeks hiking solo in the Green Swamp and Ocala National Forest and it was a life changing experience. Protection is a must.