Go native adventure tours – wildlife expedition

Includes the next:

Transportation within our luxury van by having an educational DVD concerning the Big Cypress Swamp and 10, 000 Islands to see on the way.

A vacation to the Corkscrew Swamp and Sanctuary is essential for those wildlife enthusiasts. Take two hour hike across the boardwalk and examine an all natural question of pristine backwoods. Almost 200 bird species, reptiles, along with other creatures. Inhale the scent from the budding greenery and wild flowers. You will find volunteer naturalist across the boardwalk to reply to any queries you might have. It’s a good way to photograph the wonder and splendor from the wild. Visit their book shop to purchase some souvenirs.

For supper, enjoy scrumptious old fashioned country cooking, where the locals prefer to eat.

We mind to Lake Trafford to have an amazing 1 hour airboat ride with wildlife close-up and delightful. This is when you will get the very best photos of animal within their natural habitat.

Cold canned water is supplied for the journey.

Departs at 9:30 am returns around 4:00 pm

Advance reservations needed.

Adults $145.00 – Children 12 and under $85.00

Resourse: http://gonativetours.com/

Wild Chameleons in Florida?!


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