Kenya wildlife expedition

Kenya wildlife expedition Performing wild birds counts and
Expedition Title: Wildlife Conservation with Maasai Youth – Kenya

Existence Internet Nature (LNN), a non-profit focused on community-based wildlife conservation, and Maasai Moran Conservation and Walking Safaris (MMCWS), a residential area Based Organization (CBO), will work to produce corridors along with a buffer zone for wildlife around the Siria Plateau near the Masai Mara Reserve. The region suggested for conservation covers roughly 20,000 hectares composed of grasslands, woodlands, riparian areas, and tropical forest, but his highly threatened by land use change. To finance and support their
conservation work, LNN and MMCWS host conservation-minded volunteers for 2 days around the Siria Plateau to assist with wildlife surveys …and professional development activities in holidays.

The expedition includes 2 days of safari within the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

• Daily walking safaris around the Siria Plateau
• Supplying feedback around the walking safari encounters to Maasai guides to assist improve guiding skills
• Assisting with studies of Masai giraffe social dynamics
• Participating on wildlife monitoring of mammals along transects
• Performing wild birds counts and assisting with bird lists
• Assisting professional growth and development of the Maasai youth at Lol Konoi Base Camp
• Dealing with Maasai youth growing computer and business skills for operating the campground and walking safaris

2 days of safari within the famous Maasai Mara National Reserve

Choices for:
• Cultural visits & crafts market within the Maasai community (Manyatta)
• Overnight camping around the Siria escarpment watching the wildebeest migration below

Lol Konoi campground around the Siria Plateau immediately west from the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya – in which the movie “Out of Africa” was filmed.

What difference performs this project make?
The Mara Reserve’s wildlife may benefit greatly from the conservancy/buffer zone because it will extend and secure habitat, that ought to lead to greater viability for that Mara’s
wildlife populations. For instance, there’s good evidence that giraffe make use of the Siria plateau for raising their youthful which tigers travel from the Mara to accessresources from our Nyekweri forest. Protecting these natural areas next to the Mara is crucial for supporting both of these legendary African wildlife species. The protected area may also create new economic options in holidays for that local Maasai and really should aid in reducing wildlife-human conflicts as wildlife be of the asset rather of the cost towards the Maasai.

Field Conditions:
Lol Konoi Camp, which is the house for 12 times of our trip, is really a beautiful campground with pit toilets and rudimentary showering options. Volunteers are anticipated to provide
their very own tent, ground pad and sleeping bag. Fundamental, but hot your meals are offered in the campground supplies for “box-type” lunches can be found at occasions once the group isn’t
in the campground at mealtimes.

Accommodations within the Maasai Mara is going to be at campsites concentrating on the same facilities.

Wildebeest camp in Nairobi, in which the expedition begins and ends, is really a superbly hired camp with a number of hotels. You will discover more at

Knowledge about birding, wildlife monitoring, ecological education, small company management, marketing, and holidays are desirable, but enthusiasm for nature
conservation, good general physical fitness, and pleasure of walking within the outdoors would be the primary qualifications we’re searching for in volunteers.

How you can Apply?
To participate they request a loan application form and express your interest by emailing Dr. Dusti Becker at both ( AND ( – a brief resume cover letter and resume is (optional).
Dates & Costs
Project dates are 18 June – 1 This summer, 2017.
They meets in Nairobi around the morning of 18 June, 2017 at Wildebeest Camp in Nairobi.

Volunteers donate U.S. $2000 (£ 1640, AUS$ 2624) to Existence Internet Nature to pay for their field costs. These costs include two days of meals, motorists and transportation, camping charges, payments to guides in training, and 2 full-day safari visits within the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Airfare to Nairobi, Kenya and hotels/meals in Nairobi aren’t incorporated.

This can be a "working, educational" volunteer experience which may be employed for college level projects associated with conservation biology.

When should i get to Kenya?
All people from the group will come across at Wildebeest Camp around the borders of Nairobi,Kenya the morning of 18 June, 2017. As worldwide flights frequently arrive at night, most volunteers arrive the night time prior and spend a minumum of one night at Wildebeest
Camp. The audience will go back to Wildebeest Camp the night of just one This summer, 2017.

Will someone meet me in the airport terminal?
Transportation is definitely arranged through Wildebeest Camp. Staff at Wildebeest Campcan arrange taxis to satisfy you in the airport terminal once you retrieve your luggage, go through customs, and exit. The taxi will give you straight to Wildebeest Camp. Existence
Internet Nature can help volunteers coming around the same time frame to coordinate transport together.

Who definitely are leading the trip?
They is going to be brought by Existence Internet Nature’s Company directors – Dr. Dusti Becker & Dr. Tony Povilitis. The Chair of Maasai Morans Conservation and Walking Safaris along with other Maasai may also play leadership and support roles throughout the project.

How can i have more information?
Additional information concerning the project and MMMCWS are located on the following links:
Internet Existence Nature Project Website:

Maasai Moran Conservation and Walking Safaris Facebook page:

If you’ve still got questions, don’t hesitate to contact either Dr. Dusti Becker at AND or Tony Povilitis at Показати більше…

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