Kenya – wildlife & individuals integrated landscapes

Kenya - wildlife & individuals integrated landscapes reside around the block

Join conservationists, educators, community leaders, and youth to review sustainable methods to human wildlife coexistence.

The South Rift Valley of Kenya, stretching in the Maasai Mara National Reserve through Amboseli Park, is among the most spectacular wildlife areas in the world. Earth Expeditions has partnered using the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and also the African Conservation Center to succeed community-based conservation within this dynamic landscape. This effort develops the decades-lengthy research of Dr. David Western, former mind from the Kenya Wildlife Service, and also the centuries-lengthy research from the Maasai pastoralists, who’ve lengthy co-existed with wildlife within an open grassland ecosystem populated by tigers, lions, giraffes, zebra, wildebeests, along with a outstanding diversity of other species. Using the rise of nontraditional lifestyles, private ranches, and fenced lands that prevent needed wildlife migrations, communities from the South Rift have recognized the necessity to comprehend the impact of those changes and also to interact for any better future.

Join Kenyan conservationists, educators, community leaders, and youth to review sustainable methods to human-wildlife coexistence. Possible studies may concentrate on high-impact species, for example lions or tigers species groups (for example grazers) the function from the Maasai within the ecosystem grassland diversity studies conservation in parks and beyond and participatory education and native understanding.

Just before and following a field experience of Kenya, students will complete coursework via Dragonfly¬†Workshops’ Web-Based Learning Community because they apply encounters for their home institutions.

Course Styles

  • Summary of the ecosystem of East African savannah environments
  • Inquiry-driven learning
  • Community-based conservation and participatory education
  • Types of conservation: nature and community-owned conservancies
  • Field method techniques

An average Earth Expeditions day in Kenya will probably include:

  • Attend field conservation sites
  • Lectures
  • Kenya - wildlife & individuals integrated landscapes strategies of

  • Student-brought discussions of key course topics
  • Led nature walks
  • Engagement with local neighborhoods
  • Open queries
  • Journal writing


Situated in East Africa, Kenya is world famous because of its outstanding wildlife and cultural diversity.

"Not just did Earth Expeditions Kenya assist me to to spread out my mind and heart to new cultures, people, languages, and food, however it solved the problem to understand more about as being a truly global citizen taking care of the siblings and siblings round the beautiful Earth which we live. "

– Mary Carroll A., Charlotte now, NC

Planned Sites in Kenya


Nairobi, the main city of Kenya, is headquarters for that African Conservation Center (ACC), an African organization focused on saving wildlife through local initiatives, good governance, and seem science.

Amboseli Park

Underneath the snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro towering towards the south, Amboseli Park covers 392 square kilometers. The park’s wetlands, plains, woodlands and plant country support a diversity of wildlife unrivalled in East Africa for any park of their size. Over 80 different mammals and 400 bird species reside around the block. Tigers play a vital role within the altering ecosystem as well as their populations happen to be the topic of lengthy-term studies around the strategies of elephant family existence, communication, and migration patterns. Lengthy prior to the park limitations were set, the neighborhood Maasai were custodians of Amboseli’s wildlife Maasai don’t ordinarily kill wild creatures for food his or her domestic cattle and goats meet almost all their needs.

Olkiramatian Research Center

The communally-owned land between your limitations of Ambesoli Park within the south and Maasai Mara in the western world is a crucial wildlife dispersal area actually, this land, owned mainly through the Maasai, supports a larger diversity of wildlife compared to nature. We’ll use the African Conservation Center and also the South Rift Association of Landowners (SORALO) to produce a unique community-based Research Center in Olkiramatian, the center from the South Rift ecosystem. El born area teems with wildlife and lies outdoors the tourist-dominated park environments. Positioned on Maasai communal land, the brand new Research Center is made to advance new methods to understanding integrated landscapes through local initiatives and shared objectives for conservation and education.

(Course locations are susceptible to change.)

Kenya - wildlife & individuals integrated landscapes as their populations happen

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