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Sepilok borneo tour & wildlife expedition - backyard travel You will be met at

  • First Day: Arrival in Sandakan – Kinabatangan

    Your tour of Sepilok and Kinabatangan will start in the historic town of Sandakan in Malaysian Borneo. You will be met at Sandakan Airport terminal from your private Backyard Travel guide and driver, who’ll transfer you to definitely Sandakan.

    First, we’ll mind to Sandakan Memorial Park, a somber but important historic site. It’s here that Australian and British soldiers were held as prisoners of war through the Japanese during The Second World War. The memorial park commemorates the sacrifice and suffering of individuals soldiers.

    Next we’ll visit the Agnes Keith House, an amazing bit of colonial architecture which was reconstructed after The Second World War. Agnes Keith authored three books according to her existence in Borneo throughout the mid-1900s, Three Came Home, Land Underneath the Wind and White-colored Man Returns. Take a rest in the nearby British Tea House and revel in spectacular views of Sandakan.

    Next we’ll mind towards the Sandakan Yacht Club Jetty and attempt a join-in cruise to Abai (max 06 persons only around the shared tour) in 1 boat- they’ve 10,18 & 20 seater) , Kinabatangan. Around the 1.5-hour cruise, you’ll possess the chance to photograph Berhala Island, a The Second World War historic site. These impressive coves housed an internment camp throughout the war. Agnes Keith and her husband Harry Keith were interned here briefly.

    Your boat will cruise pas the villages and mangrove forests of Abai, also offering views from the lush plant life along Sabah’s Kinabatangan River. You could also place some resident wildlife, for example macaques, proboscis apes as well as orangutans, in addition to beautiful landscapes of Nipah palms and Rhizophora groves.Sepilok borneo tour & wildlife expedition - backyard travel Within the mid-day, we You’ll wish to take the telephoto lens for rare wildlife shots along with a wide-position lens for that stunning landscapes.

    When you reach the Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort, you’ll check-in and sit lower to lunch while your skipper briefs for your approaching activities. Enjoy some mid-day refreshments of coffee, tea and goreng pisang, a scrumptious blueberry fritter. Within the mid-day, we’ll trigger to have an expedition within an open-capped riverboat looking for wildlife.

    Once we mind to the accommodation at night, you’ll have the opportunity to capture amazing photos from the dusky river landscape. In good weather, and when you’re up for that challenge, we’ll also provide the opportunity to photograph fireflies within the near-dark. After dinner, finish your day having a night time stroll around the boardwalk to look and listen for nocturnal creatures and insects.

    Overnight at Kinabatangan Wetlands Resort

    Meals incorporated about this day: Dinner and lunch


Sepilok borneo tour & wildlife expedition - backyard travel pas the villages and

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