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Wildlife expeditions — moorea moana tours expedition tour


This wildlife expedition tour will immerse you within the wealthy marine existence from the Moorea reef and lagoon environments.

You’ll experience:

  • the crystalline waters from the sand bottom lagoon together with a personal encounter with pink whipray stingrays and blacktip reef sharks
  • drift via a funnel for the outer reef to look at leopard sun rays and gray sharks beneath you within the pass
  • pelagic interactions with cetaceans including spinner dolphins, rough toothed dolphins, and humpback whales (seasonally) if the weather is permitting

From mid-This summer to mid-November, humpback whales can be found within our warm waters they migrate from Antarctic waters to calve and reproduce. French Polynesia is among the couple of places where you’ll be able to go swimming together and observe them directly within their realm. The calves are particularly curious and therefore are masters at eliciting memorable feelings from your visitors. Our primary activity for that wildlife expeditions is centered on the observation of humpback whales.


* In water encounters with humpback whales aren’t guaranteed. Our priority lies both to guest safety and also to respect of wildlife we come across during our tours. We’ll only go into the water with humpback whales following the biologist aboard has observed their surface activity and considered it safe for the visitors and also the whales. Allowing the whales to carry on their natural behavior, mating rituals, and migrational movements is essential for any healthy marine atmosphere.

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