Adventure island 3

PBG wants to speak about a game title with Adventure within the title, and opted for Adventure Island 3.

Adventure Island 3

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March fourth 2012

Peanut Butter Gamer Show

Synopsis Edit

Because PBG discusses the term ‘Adventure’ a great deal, he figured why don’t you playing a game title with Adventure within the title. The Super Nintendo versions of chance Island were ‘Ehhh’. They appear to become trying way too hard by providing the type a shield and sword.

PBG loves the background music a lot he conducts it. PBG explains the storyline, and explains that each issue will be attributed to aliens. Everything wants Master Higgins dead! He eats a great deal! PBG finds he at random dies through the level, after which remembers he forgets to consume. PBG explains the strange mechanics such as the skateboard that may simply be provided to the gamer at worst possible moments.

Among the coolest areas of farmville may be the dinosaurs. Nowhere one sometimes slips around the ice, the crimson the first is required for underwater levels and wears shades, and also the eco-friendly one runs too quickly. The red it’s possible to walk-in lava, and it is the main one PBG uses probably the most. There’s a pterodactyl within this game, but PBG aren’t able to find him!

A few of the opponents suck. PBG throws an egg onto the top lava, and attempts to ride in just like a boat, but he still dies. It requires him lots of tries to cope with this sections. There are several good boss fights within this game, and also the music is excellent. PBG beatboxes into it. PBG is unhappy that he needs to sacrifice his red dinosaur.

The ultimate boss is from the UFO, as well as their weapons aren’t everything good. PBG constitutes a poem because he defeats the aliens. The pterodactyl saves the figures, but PBG does not wish to thank him.

Since Hudson Soft is not, PBG remembers a few of the games that the organization made.


Adventure Island III (NES)


Андрей Андреев: In Russia we call this game "Naked Mario" =)

Tibor Balla: Андрей Андреев szia

Миклухо Маклай: я не знал, что так ее называли.

Víctor Hugo Toala B.: este juego recuerdo que lo compre en un cartucho 4 en 1 era el mejor juego y me recuerda bastante a la epoca navideña y fin de año ;)

Tibor Balla: Víctor Hugo Toala B. vagy?

Jonatan Murillo: Chalo como me trae igual nostalgia este juego, yo lo tenia en mi play station y jamás pase de el 4to mundo :'v

AlexAztaroth: increíble lo que un hombre es capaz de hacer por una mujer, podría hacer lo mismo un hombre por otro hombre o mujer por otra mujer? no creo

Guido Montero: +charly juarez papu :v

dann miller: AlexAztaroth No, la pregunta sería, si una mujer podría hacer lo mismo por un hombre.

kakaroto: que maestro! nunca vi la final de ese juego después de mas de 20 años al fin la vi gracias por subir el video

iurelight: Thank you for the good memories:D

Jose Moy: Lo ultimo que llegue fue a el extraterrestre, nunca pude matarlo cuando jugué hace años jajajaja y ahora ver como lo matan acá tan fácil jajaja

paper scarecrow: a pesar de las notables mejoras del 3 me quedo con el 2.. lo disfrute mucho de pequeño

Pablo Fernández: Para mí el mejor es el III por lejos. El II está muy bien pero repite demasiado los escenarios.

Juan Mangles: dividido entre el 3 y el 2. el 2 tiene mejores graficas, niveles más interesantes, mejores controles… pero también es estupidamente dificil a partir del tercer boss.

Уникальные Мы: Самая интересная и красивая среди всех частей.

lDantee: lapras

Angry Birds, Trucos, Tutoriales y Mas!: si :V

Edward Gaines: 13:45 Whoa, I did not know that was in the game, and after 24 years too! Shit.

XxHumanxX: Srry dont understand that XDD