Paradise island waterpark

Paradise island waterpark rsquos pool play area

Boasting 141-acres water rides and pools, Aquaventure may be the largest waterpark within the Caribbean. The Present has waves over four-ft-high as well as features high-speed rapids.

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Visitors should be a minimum of 48 inches tall to ride water slides. For visitors under 48” there exists a great children&rsquos pool play area – Splashers – made with the youngest in your mind so nobody can get overlooked!


  • Wristbands are needed and could be acquired at any outside “Towel Hut” within Aquaventure.
  • Existence jackets are supplied totally free.
  • Paradise island waterpark water rides and

  • Sandals or water footwear are strongly suggested – the Carribean sunshine heats-up our pathways.
  • Aquaventure is among the largest waterparks within the Eastern Hemisphere and is made to be considered a multi-day experience.
  • Lockers are for sale to daily rental in the Aquaventure Hospitality Center to secure personal products. Additionally, pool safes can be found on a few of the patio chairs within Aquaventure.
  • For individuals visitors searching for any more private experience within Aquaventure, book an Aquaventure private cabana that gives drink and food service, refrigerator, personal safe, fan and much more! The cabanas are simply steps from your legendary pools and water attractions.

For your very own safety, please stick to the complete algorithm published whatsoever pools, water slides, lagoons and beaches. Exercise caution when travelling pool decks as wet surfaces might be slippery. Don’t run. Beach, sand, and deck surfaces might be hot. Putting on footwear, sandals or "aqua socks" is strongly suggested, specifically for children of every age group. Visitors with visible injuries (i.e. casts, bandages, etc.) aren’t allowed to ride the slides. Please remove all jewellery, watches and eyewear before riding the slides. Don’t place belongings in bathing suit pockets.

Day passes could be redeemed are available for sale in the Atlantis Adventures Tour center, located outdoors Barrier Towers, overlooking the Atlantis Marina. Space is restricted.

To reserve online click the link

​Individuals under 18 years of age should be supported by a grownup 18 years or older.​

Paradise island waterpark algorithm published whatsoever pools, water

All Big Water Slides at Atlantis Paradise Island | Nassau, Bahamas


Fokx Day: I went there for 8 days!! The leap of faith is scarier than it seems!!

Clay.Dough: Fokx Day anyone know the name of the song playing

woodenlasse aqw only: how can you travel to so many water parks its so exepensive

Jacob Villanueva: WizardFreak478 I'm going some time because my mom was just talking about going there. it seems amusing there too! �� ( also cod ww2 baby!! whoooohoooooo!!!!!!!)

Din ara: WizardFreak478 I might go the week before Christmas!!!!

Bob Bobby: Disney and Bahamas was possibly the greatest places ive been too, You wont regret going to either

holdingoutforahero: What's in the drop? all of it is dark

Somali Pirate: holdingoutforahero no drops in that part, just winding

Gamer 77: Nice video, while I think the music was a bit extreme, the video was well shot.

Teagan Kinghorne: I've been on all of the slides

Theresa Pepin: the medal netting on slides is Sooo dangerous. If it's needed it's not a good slide. one fly up and your head is gone. it's happened before so I won't be going on any of those. in fact any netting can be dangerous depending on the speed.

Diane Tancredi: Theresa Pepin it's not metal I went on it last week

Theresa Pepin: yes but like I said many people have died on any type of netting. if you fly up you can get hurt more than flying out of it. trust me my uncle almost lost his life to a water part with plastic netting it just sucks

Vance Vertuccio: Omg I'm there right now

im an alien: my claustrophobia won't allow me to go down through those dark tunnels I mean I looks super fun but I feel I would panic lol

Olivers Corner: Atlantis the palm Dubai is 12 million times better than that one the slides there are no way near as good there

BellaBrix: Olivers Corner do you want a cookie ?

Clay.Dough: @tuberrides1 what is the name of the song?

Quark Queen And Hand Series: Ive Been On All Of The Slides!(except the kids slides)

Philomena-Estella Laudio: Wie heißt das Lied, dass im Hintergrund läuft???