Around the arboretum – buddies of laurelwood arboretum

Self Led Tours

Brochures and maps can be found in the Notice Board within the Pines Lake Dr. West parking area.

Self-guided ToursThe Overall Tour highlights the arboretum’s education structures and new Native Plant Demonstration Garden after which follows the winding pathways beyond the Physical Garden, along Azalea Way, then passes water-feature and memorial event gazebo getting one along Brook Road and Dorothy’s Way towards the south Rock Garden, then circles support Ridge Road featuring handsome magnolias and hemlock trees as well as an extensive assortment of rare rhododendrons, finally going lower Smart Way and to the Knippenberg Center for Education. View/download the Tour Guide.

The Native Tree Tour concentrates on 20 of Laurelwood Arboretum’s most fascinating and weird trees which are indigenous to Nj. Among fundamental essentials River Birch, Red Cedar plank, White-colored Oak, Hickory, Hazel and Hemlock. View/download the Tour Guide.

The Exotic Tree Tour features 18 trees of foreign origin which were grown within the arboretum by Dorothy Knippenberg. Included in this are beautiful examples of Japanese Umbrella Tree, Cedar plank of Lebanon, Gingo, Katsura, and Beginning Redwood. View/download the Tour Guide.

The Native Plant Demonstration Garden provides landscaping for that Knippenberg Education Complex and offers native habitats that offer the atmosphere and therefore are appropriate for that home landscape. View/download the Interpretive Sales brochure.

Brochures can be found in the parking area as well as in the Knippenberg Center for Education.

Led Tours

Guided tour by cartLed tours could be scheduled April through October.

You may decide from the General Walking Tour, a local Tree Tour, a very beautiful Tree Tour or perhaps a Native Plant Demonstration Garden Tour. All tours, except the Native Plant Demonstration Garden, are roughly one mile long and 1 to 1½ hrs lengthy.

A motorized vehicle can be obtained upon request to support individuals who might not desire to perform a walking tour. Each vehicle holds 5 visitors and something tour guide.

The tour scheduler can help you select the right tour for the group.

Charges: $50 for approximately 15 people, $5 each additional person.

Schedule through 973-831-5675 or

Guided ToursRESERVATIONS Should Be CONFIRMED 2 Days Before The TOUR.

Please put on sturdy footwear which will provide some traction on gravel roadways.

Parking: Cars and vans may park within the visitors’ parking lots on Vale Road and Pines Lake Drive West. If you’re coming inside a commercial bus or coach, please make plans around in advance.

Appreciate your curiosity about scheduling an excursion of Laurelwood Arboretum.


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